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Thank you for being a partner with CVM in ministering to Caribbean people in the United States, the Bahamas, Haiti and Trinidad. The COVID pandemic over the last two years has brought hardships on people in almost every country in the world. It has been especially hard on the people in Haiti which is one of the poorest countries in the world. Inflation has been terrible there and along with political violence, violent hurricanes and earthquakes and terrible health care the last few years most Haitian people are suffering terribly. As you know CVM ministers to some of the poorest of the poor in Haiti so your partnership is really appreciated.

2022 is our second year without any GO2Haiti Teams so the financial support we normally receive from the teams has disappeared. Despite the loss of income Pastor Elysee Joseph and Pastor Dumont Cardichon have continued their ministry to Haiti on a limited schedule. Because of their oversight the ministries CVM has supported for years continues to help the Haitian people. The Grace Theological Institute campuses in Cap Haitien and in other places in Haiti continue to function and people continue to graduate from the Institute programs. Churches are still being planted in many locations in Haiti and information will be forthcoming on those very soon. House of Hope has undergone many changes and a report on those positive changes will be shared soon as well.

The CVM financial donations for Haiti have been greatly reduced over the last year and we really do need financial help in Haiti especially for the GTI campus in Cap Haitien which has an Institute, a church and an elementary school meeting on its campus. The GTI campus also provides a home for the Three Strands Medical Clinic. In addition funding is way down for the House of Hope campus which now houses a community church with an outreach to the local neighborhoods where the muslims are attempting to proselytize. The campus also provides housing, food, vocational and educational assistance to former HOH orphans who are now young adults.


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