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Education is critical to the future of children and adults in Haiti but most children can’t afford to go to school. As you probably know Caribbean Vision Ministries founded and supports the Grace Theological Institute Campus in Cap Haitien, Haiti. This campus is shared by multiple ministries that includes a Theological Institute, Three Strands Medical Clinic, a Community Church and offices for Haiti Charis Alliance and Foundation Eglise Evangelique de la Paix which owns the Campus and the former House of Hope Campus.

The latest addition to the campus is Grace Christian Institute, a primary school serving the children in the neighborhood surrounding the campus. Without this school most of these children would not be able to attend school at all. With this school the children can receive a good education while also learning about God and His love and plan for their lives.

You can help these poor but beautiful children receive a good Christian education by financially supporting them with a one-time, monthly or annual gift. It is also possible for churches in the United States to adopt this school to support on a monthly basis. We are thankful for the person who has been sacrificially paying for the expenses for this ministry but financial help is now needed to continue this vital ministry.

The financial need of this ministry is $1000.00 per month to meet salaries for Teachers and Staff. Any funds received above these amounts will be used for materials and aid to the students. Your gift of any amount will be appreciated and used to serve these children in a way that counts for today and eternity.

With the current enrollment $12.50 a month will cover the cost for one student to attend the school and $50 per month will cover the cost for four students to attend and $100 per month will cover the cost for eight students to attend. You can make a HUGE difference in the lives of these children NOW and for ETERNITY. I have no doubts that everyone reading this letter can sponsor at least one child. School ends on July 20, 2023 and will resume in September 2023. Will you help us to make sure that all of the children in the neighborhood will enjoy another year at Grace Christian Institute?

Your gifts may be sent to Caribbean Vision Ministries, 14458 Via Royale, Delray Beach, FL 33446 and marked for Grace Christian Institute. You may also make a donation on this website on the opening page. All gifts are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt.

Thank you for praying for this ministry and thank you for making an eternal investment in the lives of children whom God loves and whom Jesus died for on the cross that they might choose to have eternal life and follow Him.

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