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  • Chuck Davis


Trinidad and Tobago celebrated its 60th year as an independent nation on August 31st. The people of this island truly love a celebration or as we say “lime” and even more a holiday to honor this special day.

CORNERSTONE OF GRACE FELLOWSHIP celebrated with the rest of the island and we showed our patriotism with a red ,white and black service. Our congregation wore the colors of our flag in honor of the country’s 60th year of independence.


September means the beginning of the new school year in Trinidad and Tobago. CORNERSTONE honored all our students who were starting new schools and those successful in their exams with special gifts and prayers. We prayed that as they begin this new chapter in their lives that GOD almighty will continue to guide and keep them and bless the work of their hands.


In the midst of all this celebration the church continued to reach out to the sick and needy through our CARE ministries and our BOXES OF LOVE. In my next newsletter I will be highlighting the Women of CORNERSTONE.


1. Continue to pray for the ministry in Trinidad and Tobago

2. Ladies Retreat in Tobago

3. GO2 Teams in 2023

4. Our beautiful island that we as a church continue to share Jesus

We thank you for all your prayers and support and may GOD continue to bless you always

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