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  • Chuck Davis


CORNERSTONE OF GRACE FELLOWSHIP celebrated a special milestone during the month of August our sixteenth anniversary as a local church. What humbly and some said doubtly began as Grace Church Cunupia in a rented facility, borrowed pastor, pulpit and people has blossomed into a strong Godfearing church with nothing borrowed.

GOD has been and continues to be good to us and its because of HIS amazing mercy and grace we have reached this point on our journey. We have had our fair share of disappointments, let downs, break in and breakdowns but our GOD continues to light a path for us.

We thank GOD almighty for CARIBBEAN VISION MINISTRIES and is Board for their prayers and financial support ,our many GO2 teams that have helped build this ministry in Trinidad and Tobago.

I thank GOD also for the awesome people of CORNERSTONE whose through it all remained faithful and committed to HIS work. Over the years they worked tirelessly to ensure that this ministry prevailed. No tasks is too big or small for this group as they continue to labour lovingly for the LORD.

CORNERSTONE OF GRACE FELLOWSHIP celebrated in true “Trini“ style with lots of food and laughter.

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