POLITICS, REALITY AND THINKING. Often all the news media and social media in the United States appears to be focused on Senate hearings in Washington. And those hearings are important and the conduct of some of our elected Senators often is deplorable and ungodly to say the least. It is true also that the lives of millions of future unborn children are possibly at stake based on the outcome of many of these hearings. It is right that in a nation like ours Christians should be involved to do what they can to see God’s principles established in opposition to the principles of Satan. But I do think that many Christians give more thought to the events of this life and their involvement in the ev


WHAT DO I DO? There are a lot of things a Pastor or any other person can do in this world to make life better for the people around them and in all parts of the world. Each of us must figure out what God expects of us and exactly how God wants us to carry out that mission. There are plenty of people around who will tell you exactly how you as an individual should carry out the mission God has appointed for you to do. Certainly I have run into a number of these people in my lifetime. Sometimes Pastors are the worse of these and sometimes very helpful. As humans we all have some of the common traits and abilities and failures of mankind. But God did not bring us into life from a cookie-cutter


PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW! Trust me on this. It is true. “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows,” (James 1:17 NIV). God said it in His Word and that settles it. Trust me on this. It is true. Some people like to believe that every good thing that happens to them comes because of their hard work or fantastic outlook on life. After reviewing my life span I beg to differ on that opinion. I have seen good things happen to people who appear to have never done a good thing in their life nor do they have a fantastic outlook on life. The reality is that God, “makes His sun to rise on those


SOMETIMES! Sometimes I wonder why God blesses the people of the United States of America. I survey the political scene and see all the crazies coming out of the woodwork during election seasons and I really wonder if we are a nation of laws or have we arrived at the point where those who curse and yell the loudest control the future of the county. While our country is filled with violence from sea to shining sea people who are raking in millions of dollars from the opportunities the country affords them often lead in cursing and reviling the police and military who protect their rights to earn those millions of dollars. The Church, supposedly composed of “real” Christians, appears at times t


IT IS TOUGH OUT THERE! In recent years I worshipped and preached at a Haitian church plant in the Palm Beach area of Florida. It was a joy to see and hear the joyous singing and music of this numerically small congregation of believers in Christ. Their Scripture readings were sincere and moving as they were read at different times in Haitian Creole, French and English and their songs were also voiced in these same languages. The public prayers were voiced in typical Haitian fashion ranging from soft and sweet to loud and boisterous as if to wake up anyone sleeping or per chance to awaken the heavenly messengers who would deliver the answers. Those attending the service ranged in age from the


FALL SEASON! They tell me it is the Fall time of year but since it will be 90 degrees today where I live in Florida I don’t think that designation carries much significance. But with September the football season has arrived and I must admit that I don’t have enthusiasm for the game and the teams I used to because of all the politicizing, emphasis on money and hero worship that abounds today. In fact I stopped watching pro ball several years ago and have no interest in investing any more time on the game in the future. One of the great things about America is that we all can choose what we watch or play or follow and yet we can still be friends and not disparage each other. I do however have


LIFT HIM UP! I have a friend who preaches, on a normal weekend to about 15,000 people worshipping in multiple locations in a State in the U.S. On Sundays it is not unusual for me to preach to about 50 or 100 Haitian people gathered in a small rented building to worship Jesus. Hopefully all the folks in all the locations will lift up their hearts and voices in praise and adoration to Jesus and also open their hearts and be receptive to what God will say through His Word and His servants. Whether a person serves and worships Jesus in a large congregation or a small congregation numerically God is there and God is blessed by His people’s worship and love for Him. In America in normal times we a


THREE PEAS IN A POD! There is an old saying, “They are like two peas in a pod.” People meant by that two people were a lot alike. They were similar to each other in appearance, beliefs, habits, interest, etc. When you open up a pea pod the seeds look a lot alike. As I read social media I think there are three peas in a pod that plague a lot of people. The first pea is a lack of or a need for patience. When you live in a society that is used to “instant everything;” from food, to service, to communication, then patience appears to be in short supply. Someone has defined patience as, “the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.” I suspect God


OPEN FOR BUSINESS BUT NO ANSWER? One evening my wife and I decided we wanted to eat some Chinese food for dinner. There is a small Chinese take-out restaurant not far from our house so we decided to call in our order and then pick it up. Simple, right? Well that process only works if they answer their phone. After fifteen minutes of listening to busy signals we decided to have some Mexican food instead. What resulted was an instant answer to our phone call, easy pick-up, and delicious Mexican food. The Chinese restaurant menu has now been thrown into the garbage can and we are looking for a replacement Chinese establishment. In America today busy signals lose a lot of sales. This got me to t


TIRED OF IT! I don’t know about you but I am tired of it all; politics and politicians, hypocrisy, lying, cheating, stealing, foul language, murders, greedy people, poverty, immorality, and anti-God society. I could continue down this road but you know all these things as well as I do; and all this in the “greatest country” on earth. So sometimes I just need to take a break, get a cup of coffee, walk out to the patio where there is peace and quiet and watch the birds, ducks, and fish in and on the water of the little lake behind our house. Not far away people rush by on the Florida Turnpike and others rush by in a different direction headed for the Atlantic Ocean. How many are headed for hea


IS GARBAGE THE SAME AS TRASH? I will leave you to ponder that great question. Some would make a distinction. Where I live the garbage/trash men arrive twice a week to empty my trash can and pick up other discarded items within reason. And on Thursday another truck comes by and picks up items to recycle. Are the recycle guys specialists in the trash business or do you separate the two into separate professions? Such are the great questions of life. Some say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and I believe that to a certain extent after watching TV’s “American Pickers” and seeing the proliferation of “yard sales” and “garage sales” and “flea markets.” And today we also have what is call


A CLOGGED LINE! When the weather is hot and humid in Florida, which is most of the time, the residents love their air conditioning. In fact without it our population would be greatly diminished and land values extremely low. Air conditioning can be expensive to purchase when you consider the cost of the units, installation, maintenance, and the cost of electric power to run them. But what would life be without it? Sometimes the smallest things can cause our A/C units to stop working; like a clogged drain line. And you know that never happens when things are cool…oh no, it is always when it is hot, hot, hot! When the house heats up you know you have a problem. Right away you begin to check th


CONTRASTS MAKE IT CLEAR! Contrasts. We see them all the time. Light vs darkness. Strong vs weak. Beautiful vs ugly. Good vs evil. Rich vs Poor. The Apostle Paul uses contrasts throughout his writings to contrast the results of being a Christian and under God's influence and the ways of those under the world's influence. Society exerts a strong influence on the thought life, morals, and actions of every person as they develop and mature as human beings. Unless there is a strong counter influence both culturally and spiritually, hopefully by a Christian father and mother or other responsible Christian person, disaster undoubtedly can and does lie ahead for many people as they age. Even a casua


THE WORLD’S GREATEST TRADE! Trading can be a serious business or a game or just fun depending on the context. Some people like to trade things and make deals. Often it is a way of life that allows a person to make a living to support them financially. Frankly, I would probably starve to death being a trader. It is my tendency to give things away. But I once made a great trade and what a trade it was. I traded death for life. My selfish, self-centered, sinful life was put to death and a new life controlled by a totally loving, selfless, and merciful God was given in its place. As the Apostle Paul said, “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I


MEMORIES! I like hard copy photos. I mean digital photos offer better quality photos than the old film type photos and you can store digital on just about anything electronic today. But there is nothing like pulling out the photo albums and looking back over the life of a family…in-laws and outlaws included; and my wife is good at that. My wife spent some time recently looking through the many, many, many albums she has put together over the years. After all a birthday party with a small family gathering requires that history be revived. So my wife shared some photos along with accompanying stories. She is a great story teller. But sometimes I think the memories are better than what the phot


HUMAN DYNAMO! There are some people who seem to have boundless energy; like the Energizer Bunny and my young great granddaughter. The Bunny it seems runs off batteries but my great granddaughter has to run off God-power because I am sure she runs on more than human resources. While I begin to get tired toward the end of the day she seems to gain strength and the more attention you give her the more energy she seems to draw from it and in fact at times can become quite wild. And if you give her less attention then she seems to rev up her engines in order to get more attention. The life of a young child; who can really understand it? But I would like to have her energy sometimes. When our imme


HURRICANES NEVER END! They come with different names like Hurricane Irma who passed our way in 2017 and we are thankful that we were personally spared from damage except for being inconvenienced. Others around us were not so fortunate. Soon after Irma, Hurricane Florence headed for the East coast north of Florida toward South Caroline and northward to North Carolina and Virginia. Our prayers went up to heaven for all the residents of those States and we have friends and family among those residents. Key words regarding hurricanes are Prepare & Vacate. As thousands have discovered in the past; material things are not worth risking your life for. In situations like these real values are discov


A DAY TO REMEMBER! I was just a baby when Pearl Harbor happened so I don’t remember from personal experience anything about the event that had a profound effect on my life at that time and for the remainder of my life. I do remember September 11, 2001 and watching the events of that day on TV and it has affected my life and the lives of all Americans since that day. My wife and I were in Kansas City visiting our daughter and we were scheduled to fly home very soon. Like many Americans we found our flights canceled and considered ourselves fortunate we were able to rent a car and drive back to Panama City Beach, Florida. The flying experience and security measures in all our society have fore


PROBLEMS! Everyone seems to have them and they come in a variety of ways; health, finances, relationships, disasters, and the list seems endless. As a Director of a Christian Missions Ministry a lot of my time is spent dealing with problems of all types. Some are what we call “good problems” and some are definitely “bad problems” but all of the problems involve time and effort and sometimes pain or joy and often financial involvement. When you serve God in any capacity you will have problems; our enemy Satan will see that you do. And God allows these problems for a variety of reasons and sometimes we discover the cause or reason and sometimes we don’t. Even the Apostle Paul had problems whil


CHAINS! I really hadn’t thought much about chains lately until I read this quote in my devotional reading, “If Joseph had not been Egypt’s prisoner, he had never been Egypt’s governor. The iron chain about his feet ushered in the golden chain about his neck,” (Author unknown). Now that is a great statement and the reality of that is echoed in the pages of Scripture. The Apostle Paul did some of his greatest thinking and writing while in prison in chains. The bible letters of Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Philemon were written while Paul was in prison. Sometimes chains placed on God’s servants, such as the Apostle Peter, were used to demonstrate the power of God over the acts of mank

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