GOD’S PROMISES! I like the promises of God because I know He is faithful and just to keep all His promises. I know this because of His written Word, the Bible, and I know it by personal experience. So I look forward to God fulfilling all the promises He has made to me and every other believer in Christ and I fear for those who don’t know Christ because He has made some promises to them that they will wish He would not have made. The Apostle Peter reminds us that Christians receive their faith through the “righteousness of our God and Savior Jesus Christ,” (2 Peter 1:1); our faith is not based on our own righteousness or works but it is based on what and who Jesus is and what He has done for


INTEGRITY AND RIGHTEOUSNESS! Proverbs chapter eleven is such a great read on the differences between the godly and the ungodly; those who love God and follow His principles for living and those who are just “full of themselves.” As one reads this chapter of the bible the country we live in (in fact the world we live in) is accurately and sadly truly described. The writer says, “The integrity of the upright guides them, but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity,” (Proverbs 11:3 NIV). This truth is brought to life in every segment of our society; political, business, governmental, and yes even in the religious realm. If integrity and righteousness guided the life of our nation what a


PATIENCE! A few years ago while my wife was waiting for two medical tests to be conducted at a local hospital patience and peace were both greatly needed. The two tests did not go well when she took them a month before and they resulted in a second hospital stay. This time she had the same tests and could not believe they were the same tests she had the month before. A different location for the tests, different medical personnel, and the same tests, but this time totally different circumstances and physical results followed the tests. Thank God for His supply of peace and patience in this prolonged medical event. Patience was also needed while waiting for the test results which in the end b


JOY! A lot of people are looking for real JOY in life and never find it. People, even Christians, look for JOY in other people, things, professions, wealth, entertainment, and a multitude of other things but they never find real joy. Jesus said, “I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete,” (John 15:11 NIV). Jesus wants us to have real joy in life; the kind of joy that only He can give us. In the first eight verses of John chapter fifteen Jesus reminds us that joy begins with a personal and continuing relationship with Him. Only in that relationship with Him can our life experience and manifest the inward and outward characteristics of God that bring


WHAT IS IN THERE ANYWAY? Sometimes it is hard to figure out what is inside certain containers; like closed boxes, canned goods without labels, other people’s minds and hearts, and sometimes what is even in our own hearts. A few years ago my wife had a test so the doctors could know what was really going on in her bladder. They wanted to know if everything was OK or were there any problems there? What is in there anyway? And the answer we looked for was that everything was OK and now go and have a nice future. That was the answer we received. Praise God! King David many years ago talked with God and asked God to, “Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if


CROCK POT CHRISTIANS! Over the last few years I have learned some things about cooking meals. I am not a gourmet cook by any means as those who sit at my table will testify but I haven’t lost anyone to food poisoning or caused any serious ailments for anyone. As a former Marine and one of seven children and a visitor to some strange places in the Caribbean there is very little I will not eat and usually enjoy. And as a Pastor you tend to eat at a lot of different homes with a lot of different and sometimes strange meal combinations but usually enjoyable. So in my cooking journey my wife has taught me how to use a crock pot. I think she did this because she thinks you can’t mess things up in


OBSERVING LIFE THROUGH THE EYES OF OTHERS! As we pass through the stages of life we develop our views on life and tend to see things through our personal lens on how things really are. People, events, education, and experience have a huge influence on the life lens we develop. And once we develop our lens through which we see the world we often become resistant to change and people who have developed different lenses. It would be to the advantage of each of us to take time to see the world through the eyes of others from time to time. We may not agree with how others perceive the world nor do we need to change to be like them but it would help us to understand how they have developed their


VOICE MAIL. THIS MAILBOX IS FULL! Have you ever experienced that message when you have called someone and they didn’t answer so the call went to voicemail and then their mailbox was so full of messages you couldn’t leave a message? What does that say about the person or business? Or is their phone out of order and they don’t even know it or have they neglected to take care of it? In any case communication is silenced and as a result it is possible that important things can’t be taken care of. Is it possible the same thing happens to us in our communication with God? I am sure God doesn’t have voicemail, He likes direct communication, and if the line of communication with God has problems I a


THANKSGIVING AND PRAYER! Today is my oldest grandsons’ birthday. Birthday’s come and go and some people get excited about them and for others it is just another day. But today I remember that just a few years ago when my grandson was involved in an auto accident we were not sure he would see another birthday on planet earth. Through God’s grace and the prayers of many who knew him my grandson is still alive, a healthy young man and doing well in life. I am thankful for God’s mercy and grace in his life and pray for him to have a great day today in celebrating life and giving thanks to God. Many of our friends remember when my wife in a short space of time went through two serious bladder sur


WHAT? SURGERY! I have never met a person who enjoyed having surgery on any part of their body even when they recognized the necessity of it being done; sometimes even a life-saving necessary procedure. We live in an age when medical personnel can do amazing things to help us live long and healthy lives by doing surgery on our ailing bodies; or at least to give us the opportunity to live longer even though we may need to make major adjustments. Often our life habits cause this condition requiring surgery to occur and often it may be an accident that requires it or maybe just being part of the human race and often living in a country where living conditions make it a necessity at some point. A


VALUABLE OR NOT? I don’t know about your home but around our home I have noticed that stuff just seems to accumulate. One day the garage door is opened and there it is stuff, stuff, stuff. Another day you open the closet door and suddenly there is no room to hang another item of clothing. And yet another day you open a drawer or a cabinet door and it suddenly dawns on you that maybe things have gotten out of hand. Maybe it is time for a garage sale or a box of stuff needs to be given to some charity. Or maybe it is time to ask the question, “Where does this stuff come from?” That might require some thinking about a lot of areas of our life and it might make us ask the question, “Is this stuf


PEOPLE WHO SURROUND US! It becomes more apparent to me as I grow older that the world thinks it is getting smarter but I really think what is happening is that we are dumbing down society to a large degree. There are really smart people all around us but very often it appears to me that in every segment of society these people often surround themselves with less than competent people or at least people who aren’t motived to do their best job at what they are supposed to do. So the really smart people are limited in what they accomplish by the people who surround them and do less than their best. I will not detail any one segment of life because you know what I mean and you can fill in the d

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