HURRICANES! There is nothing quite like a hurricane. Death and destruction threaten life in multiple ways as a hurricane approaches what appears to be a peaceful and tranquil environment. When the hurricane strikes the wind, water, waves, airborne debris, uprooted and broken trees, collapsing structures, remaining chaos, subsequent injuries, lack of food, water, medical care, and subsequent disease can and often does take human lives. Millie and I have lived in the land of hurricanes, Florida, for most of our adult lives. We have learned to take the threat of hurricanes seriously and attempt to avoid them at all costs when we can and we make all the suggested preparations for them we are abl


ELECTION TIME! OUR GREAT HOPE? Not really!! Elections come and go but human nature remains the same. The more things change the more they seem to remain the same. Every once in a while politicians come along who appear to make a difference in the world and God may use them for a short time for His purposes but the world is still marching on toward the ultimate end that God has determined. And while we wait for the great hope God holds out for the Christian we should avail ourselves of any opportunities, including elections and voting, that God makes available to us to help better the life of those around us. So vote in the next election but do it with both eyes on the heavens because that is


WISE WORDS FOR CURRENT CONDITIONS! The world around us is in chaos yet society brags about this generation being the best educated, wealthiest, smartest, most traveled, and healthiest generation that has ever lived. If this generation is so great why does chaos rein and why is civilization so fractured? Why can’t people live together in peace and harmony in a country so richly blessed by God in so many ways? The Apostle Paul had some wise words that would help this generation if people would just follow them. This is what Paul said, “Now about your love for one another we do not need to write to you, for you yourselves have been taught by God to love each other. And in fact, you do love all


GOD’S WILL? Sometimes one may question God’s Will but very often God’s Will is so crystal clear that every Christian should know it and follow it. But of course if God’s Word, the Bible, is not acknowledged as God’s authoritative book for directions for the Christian’s life then “crystal clear” becomes “cloudy” and “confused” and “personal choices.” But if a Christian does not acknowledge God’s Word as their guidebook for life then how do they become a Christian in the first place and what do they choose to follow if not God’s Word? After all, “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God,” (Romans 10:17 NKJV). When God’s Word is “crystal clear” should not all Christians be on the


UNUSUAL CHURCHES? They are all around us as you know; churches that stand out from all the rest. Some of the churches are liberal, some conservative, some way out in a lot of ways, some just odd, some Satanic, and some just social clubs. You could add your own description of some of the “stand out” or “unusual” churches you know about. Then there are churches that are not flashy, or large in attendance, nor do they have facilities that “wow” you when you drive into the parking lot. They are just there in the community doing what God has commanded the church to do in proclaiming His gospel message and ministering to the community of believers and non-believers around them. In our society toda


VINES CAN BE BEAUTIFUL! When Millie and I were young adults and married and with two children, we moved to California. There we bought our first home in the suburbs of Sacramento. It was in that location, about a year after purchasing our home, that I received Jesus as my Savior. As you went out the side door of the garage to that home we had a small covering that had a grape vine or vines growing on it. How those grapes managed to grow I have no idea because I knew nothing about growing grapes. Thirty-three years later when we bought a home in Panama City Beach, Florida we had some beautiful flowering vines that we planted and grew. I had learned a little bit about caring for them. When it


HOW DO YOU GET THERE FROM HERE? It seems there is today a GPS system designed for all of us to instruct us how to get from where we are to where we want to go. The only problem with a lot of these systems is that they really don’t always tell you the best way to get to your location and some of them even cause you to end up in the wrong location. Go figure. It is true some of them offer you alternate routes so you can choose the route you want to take. And some of them even tell you of road problems ahead of you while traveling and then suggest alternate routes. For the most part the GPS systems are much better than unfolding those old paper travel maps of road systems or those city maps tha


LIFE AND DEATH! That term is used quite often concerning situations in life and often very glibly meaning simply just that something is important. This past summer those terms had real meaning in our family as situations concerning Millie’s health were life and death issues. I am sure many of you reading this have faced some of those moments in your own life. It is well when facing those issues that the eternal issues of life have already been settled; issues like where one will spend eternity. In the Gospel of John chapter 11 we have such an event involving life and death taking place. Jesus had a special friend named Lazarus who was very sick and Jesus was notified. But the Great Physician


I LIKE DR. POL! I don’t know if you know who that is but he is a Vet who has a program on National Geo Wild and Millie and I really like the program. We have learned a lot about animals through watching this show. It is educational, heart warming and often heart breaking all at the same time. I have learned a lot about sheep and the people who raise them on this program and I am amazed how attached those who have pet sheep really get to those animals. But Dr. Pol amazes me also as he really has a love for taking care of an animal’s physical needs and the sympathy he has for the animals. And it is also amazing how some of those sheep get really attached to their owners. And I do believe Dr. P


DOORS CAN BE CONFUSING! Our former home in Panama City Beach was built a little odd but we loved it. When you faced it from the street it looked normal but as you went down the driveway you noticed that it had three doors on the side of the house from the front of the house to the back of the house. One door went into the living room of our house, one into the kitchen, and one in to the back bedroom of our house. There were several reasons for this as the house began as a beach summer home and then had several expansions over the years. It is a nice home but the door layout was a little different. I have also noticed that doors leading into buildings can sometimes be a little confusing part


SOLAR PANELS! It is reported that California has become the first state to require that new homes be built with solar panels beginning in 2020. Housing is already extremely expensive in California so this is sure to drive the costs of building a home in that State much higher. In Palm Beach County Florida where I live it looks like a large scale solar plant is taking shape on 401 acres that could eventually power 15,000 homes. In another area Florida Power & Light has added 3.5 million solar panels in the past two years. Maybe it is good time to consider buying stock in solar panel companies. As I read these things I am reminded how much the world has changed in my lifetime in regards to


STALE BREAD! When Millie and I lived in the Panhandle of Florida we found it difficult to find a fresh loaf of bread of any brand or kind. Maybe it was the places we shopped or maybe it was the days of the week we went to the store or maybe we don’t know what fresh bread is or maybe it was limited in supply. I don’t know and still don’t know the reason why there seemed to be no fresh bread in our part of the Panhandle. We thought South Florida would be different because of the multitudes of people and stores. Yet very seldom is there fresh bread in our household. The only thing I can figure out is that people are in line waiting on the bread truck and all fresh bread is purchased immediately

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