QUESTIONS? I have a lot of questions about life and in life. My questions sometimes irritate people, sometimes they make people think and sometimes they cause people to have questions about my questions. But the Apostle Paul was a man who asked a lot of questions so I think I am on good grounds with my questions and in good company. Yesterday when my wife and I visited the doctor I noticed he had a lot of questions. He wasn’t being nosey he just wanted to get some facts because he wanted to help my wife in the best way he could. I appreciate that. I noticed the waitress at the restaurant asked a lot of questions also because she wanted us to enjoy our meal. Romans chapter eight is full of qu


DIALOG IN THE NAIL SHOP! Some experiences in life you never expect and would just as soon forget as soon as they happened. For the first time in three months my wife was able to go the “nail shop” or whatever the proper term is for the place where you ladies go to get your hands and feet pampered. Like the Apostle Paul as he spoke of one of his experiences, I have yet to figure out whether this was really an experience “in the body or out of the body”. I think only God really knows. This was not my first experience in accompanying my wife to this place since at this time in life she requires my presence wherever she goes. I am thankful it was only an hour or so long and it was an interesting


EDUCATE YOURSELF! Summer is over and in most places the children, teens and young adults are back in the classroom either in public school or in home schooling. Many are doing their studies on line; however, education is happening hopefully people are becoming better educated and wiser in their journey through life. Education, for all of us should be a lifetime pursuit and that holds true for Christians in the pursuit of more knowledge of God’s Word and the application of the principles of the Bible to our journey through life. I do believe that many Christians “slack off” in their pursuit of learning how to know God better through His Word and how to apply that knowledge of God in their jou


AMERICA FIRST? I think by now we have all heard the slogan without the question mark and maybe there is some confusion about what it really means and some jump on the band wagon and some curse the bandwagon. Stay with me here. Today is primary election day in Florida and Millie and I will be heading out to our local voting precinct to do our civic duty since we missed early voting and voting by mail. We are not sure what that will be like since this is our first voting experience since moving from North Florida to South Florida. In Florida primaries you vote by Party Ballot either Republican or Democrat and also for the non-partisan races (if there is such a thing these days). It has taken s


WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO? Do you ever feel like that about the seasons? In most places children have returned to school, family vacations are over, high school football games have begun and people are thinking about the upcoming Labor Day holiday which usually marks the traditional end of summer and the beginning of Fall. Summer has been really different for Millie and me this year as the entire summer has been involved in weeks in the hospital and rehabilitation facility, doctor office visits, and home health care people in and out of our home. We say, “Good riddance to this summer and welcome to the Fall season,” though Fall is still hot in Florida. We are thankful for God’s care and provis


DOES GOD REALLY LOVE ME AND YOU? Sometimes life twists and turns in such a way that a person may ask, “Does God really love me?” After all you think you are a good person. But things just aren't going well. God seems so far away and unconcerned about you. Or maybe in the course of life events you just don't believe God could love you. Let me assure you that God loves you. Here is proof that God loves you in spite of how you feel or what your circumstances are or have been. "You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly. Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous person, though for a good person someone might possibly dare to die. But God demonstr


DISHONESTY! This has always been a problem in the world and the very first humans were essentially dishonest people way back in the Garden of Eden. Moses testified to the problem in the Ten Commandments particularly when God told him to record the Commandments, “You shall not steal,” and “You shall not give false testimony.” Down through history dishonesty has always been a problem in society and dishonesty has caused the destruction of persons and societies. Today dishonesty runs rampant in our society. For many it is just the accepted form of doing business or conducting their daily lives. There was a time in America when it was said that a “man’s word was his bond.” If that time ever real


BLANK! Each morning when I get up and stare at the page on which I write it is always blank. Sometimes my mind goes blank; some would say it is always blank. An artist very often faces a blank canvas and then creates something beautiful from it. I have always been amazed at how my wife does that since my only artistic ability is drawing “stick people” and I do a poor job at that. A chalk board (remember those) very often starts out blank and then a teacher writes on it and it becomes an amazing place of learning. Children are kind of like that when they are born. Obviously God usually endows them with all the necessary equipment to enter life and become part of their family and society; but


CHANGE? Next Tuesday here in Florida where I live we have an opportunity to vote in the State’s primary election. If we don’t like those who have been in office who represent our party, or if we there is a change required, we have an opportunity to make some changes. The majority rules in this primary election and in some cases the winner will automatically be elected to office because the opposing party will offer no opponent in the general election. But when all is said and done will we really have change or will we just have a different face representing us? Will things just continue as they have been or could there really be progress in government that leads to more godly leadership and


INSOMNIA! Do you have a tough time sleeping? Maybe you have insomnia. Insomnia is defined as “habitual sleeplessness; inability to sleep.” Some synonyms would be sleeplessness, wakefulness, and restlessness. I have observed many people during the Pastor’s sermon at church proving to all around that they did not have insomnia. A number of people have suggested that when you have insomnia you should practice praying as you lie in bed or maybe as you sit in church and that will help you go to sleep. Others suggest that you read certain bible verses because you obviously are worrying about things. Judgmental? Maybe. Now I have to say I do not have insomnia but sometimes I do have things on my mi


SCAMMED! Life in the 21st century is really interesting. Sometimes you don’t know if you are living in reality or if it is just an illusion. TV is a good example. You can turn the “boob tube” or “idiot box” on and sometimes you don’t know if it is broadcasting in real time, pre-recorded, or delayed broadcasts. You can also view something and not know whether it is staged or real. Facebook is also a good example. Sometimes you don’t know whether Posts are true or like other media it is just “fake news.” Gas pumps are also a good example. People have found that their credit card numbers can be scanned by fake and illegal additions to the pumps by crooks. Parts on the pump look real but they ar


LOST AND FOUND! The older I get the more I lose; sometimes permanently and sometimes temporarily. But if it is just temporarily lost is it really lost or just misplaced? Or is that worth the time trying to answer? Anyway, what brought this to mind was my misplacing something very important a few days ago and if the garbage man had been a few hours earlier that item would have been in our local dump. And just this morning I was trying to locate some computer files that appeared to be lost somewhere in the universe of the “cloud,” whatever that is and wherever that is. I used to know what a cloud was but now if you say “cloud” you have to explain what you are talking about unless it is droppin


REVELATION IS REVEALING! As I glance at the bottom of the page as I am writing this post I am struck by the volume of words that I have written in my posts for this month. And I wonder if I have just been wordy or if my words have been of value to anyone. Others will be the judge of that. What caused me to think of that is Psalm 19. God in the silence of the heavens reveals more to us than man’s words could ever reveal. “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge. They have no speech, they use no words; no sound is heard from them. Yet their voice goes out into all the earth, th


HIS WAY or MY WAY? “As for God, his way is perfect: The Lord’s word is flawless,” (Psalm 18:30 NIV). Most of us have tried things “our way” and discovered that our way was not and is not perfect. In fact it can be disastrous. Frank Sinatra had a big hit song titled “My Way” and his life style reflected the lyrics of the song; “For what is a man, what has he got if not himself, then he has naught, To say the things he truly feels and not the words of one who kneels, the record shows I took the blows and did it my way, Yes, it was my way.” My purpose here is not to bash Frank, for too often the way he lived and the songs he sang reflected too many of us. But it is clear in life that we have c


ADS CAN BE DECEIVING. I received an advertisement in the mail yesterday that said, “Let us help you plan for your eternity.” What the firm really wants to do is help you to plan for your physical death, funeral, burial or cremation, and your final burial site or an indoor or outdoor Mausoleum. None of that will help you plan for eternity. All of those things are just steps for dealing with your physical earthly body on this earth as you depart this realm for eternity in either heaven or hell. Now those services offered by the firm are important but the services they offer will not deal with where you really spend eternity. And this particular firm, because of their religious beliefs, will no


ENCOURAGEMENT! Everyone needs encouragement and I think people appreciate those around them who tend to be encouragers rather than discouragers. Often it is the little things in life that encourage us. For the first time in two months Millie was able to go to the beauty salon where she has her hair “done.” That was an encouragement for her and her hairdresser was a very encouraging lady as well. I had several people yesterday, unrelated to the salon visit, who asked how Millie was doing physically and they told me they and others they knew were praying for Millie’s health problems. That is encouraging to know names of people who are praying for you. Even some people who read these posts on a


FOOD: NECESSITY OR OBSESSION? It may be both depending on the person and the circumstances but there is no denying that food and the right food is necessary for a healthy life. Food deprivation can lead to malnutrition and/or death and often does in many countries and sometimes even in the United States the land of plenty of food resources. It appears to me that in the countries that are the wealthiest in the world that those countries have become obsessed with food; quality, appearance, quantity, preparation, TV shows, cook books, magazines, consumption, and celebrities. And often just across the borders of those countries people are starving to death. God’s Word remains us also of the impo


THE TRUTH! DOES IT MATTER ANYMORE? Of course it does but it seems lying permeates our society. Maybe it always has and I just didn’t recognize it. I admit I am not the brightest light in the room. This morning, with the political season once again upon us, I am reminded that “truth” is a nebulous thing with many people. As I passed the public library driveway yesterday I was startled with what seemed like hundreds of yard-type signs advertising the political hopes of many individuals running for public office. They were not there one day and the next day they covered the library property like locusts sent to Egypt. All of these individuals may be honest people wanting to serve the public in


GIVERS AND TAKERS! I love to watch children interact with each other because it reveals a lot about them and how they perceive life even at an early age. Some share things freely and others snatch and grab and selfishly cling to what they have. One of my great grandsons, just a few months old, was present with us yesterday and I noticed he really liked to cuddle with the one holding him. On the other hand my almost three years old great granddaughter was busy, busy, busy, which has been typical of her entire life. Yes, children are different, and so are adults. And the traits children display in childhood often follow them into adulthood. In the Bible book of Proverbs it says, “One person gi


GOD’S PROMISES! I like the promises of God because I know He is faithful and just to keep all His promises. I know this because of His written Word, the Bible, and I know it by personal experience. So I look forward to God fulfilling all the promises He has made to me and every other believer in Christ and I fear for those who don’t know Christ because He has made some promises to them that they will wish He would not have made. The Apostle Peter reminds us that Christians receive their faith through the “righteousness of our God and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 1:1); our faith is not based on our own righteousness or works but it is based on what and who Jesus is and what He has done for u

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