IT HAS BEEN A BUSY YEAR IN THE CARIBBEAN! In Trinidad Pastor Roger Dabideen and the folks at Grace Church have been working on their new church facility while they continue to reach people for Christ and disciple them. Now the finish line is in sight for the building program. Dedication day is set for August 5 and people are really excited. They still need about $3,000.00 to finish the work on the inside and I believe the friends of Pastor Roger and Grace Church in the U.S. will help them to complete the task. Send your gift to CVM today. And Millie and I will see you in Trinidad in August. While the people in Trinidad have been busy so have the folks in Haiti. January kicked off on a full r

Medical Care

Medical care is more than pills, shots, tongue depressors, tests and scopes. It is also about interaction with other human beings in a compassionate way. Three Strands, in partnership with Caribbean Vision Ministries, is providing quality health care to a very neglected population in the Cap Haitien area of Haiti. Three Strands has a clinic on the campus property of Grace Theological Institute and provides daily medical care to the residents of the surrounding community. This arrangement provides for both the physical and spiritual needs of people often forgotten in society. (Photo above of Team Member Nurse Brenda Koeller & Translators Pastor Arnold Accilien & Pastor Odianes Almonor). In 2

Exciting Challenges!

To see the exciting happenings and challenges at House of Hope Orphanage you must read this newsletter. You will be blessed and challenged. WARNING! This is a long newsletter and IT IS ALL ABOUT ORPHANS AND HOUSE OF HOPE ORPHANAGE IN HAITI. Hopefully you can read it all the way through at one time. If not take it in bites and pray over each item we share with you. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and pray for the Staff and children at House of Hope. Bite #1 - They are in business! Renel & Wilbur two of our young adults at House of Hope Orphanage are now trained and operating their very own welding business. But in order to take the next step and set up shop with their ow

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