Several of the major issues we have faced for a number of years now are the issues of moving the children of House of Hope from childhood to adulthood, from dependence to independence, from vocationally non-skilled to vocationally skilled, and from a "sheltered life" to a more integrated community life. In Haitian society and at House of Hope age is not the most critical issue but certainly preparation spiritually, educationally and vocationally are key issues. A House of Hope Vision Committee is working on a long range plan for the future of House of Hope. While that plan is developing we are taking preliminary steps to assist those of adult age in their transition from House of Hope to th

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Dear Friends, An orphanage is not a static place. Every day is exciting and different because the children are all different and exciting in their own way. Imagine almost forty children in your household and you will begin to get the picture. We love the kids of all ages at House of Hope and we are thankful for a loving and kind staff that has the interest of the children at heart. Since Caribbean Vision Ministries adopted fifty children in 2010 we have been busy building a staff to minister to the children, facilities to minister to the children's needs, a farm to assist in feeding them, and programs and a way of life that will benefit them for the future including eternity. In addition dur


Except for eight of the House of Hope children all of the children have been attending school on the House of Hope campus and have been taught by teachers we have hired. In the Fall of 2016 all thirty-four school age children will be enrolled in a Baptist school in the nearby town of Trou-Du-Nord or in an appropriate government school. We believe this will produce a better quality education for the children and will also help to integrate the children into Haitian society. This move will allow us to provide tutors at House of Hope to help those children who need additional help and it will also give our Staff at House of Hope an opportunity to catch their breath each day and also give some t


WE NEED YOUR HELP Even though obstacles of nature (rain) and government have slowed construction of their building Grace Church, Cunupia, Trinidad is moving forward with construction of a new church facility. As Pastor Roger reported the roof support girders and framing are in place, measurements have been taken for metal sheeting material and the estimate has been given. It appears that Grace Church will need $4,500.00 more to go with what has already been raised to complete payment on this part of the project. The folks at Grace have been working hard on the construction of the buidling where they are able. The construction bills have been paid as the structure goes up. They have also been


Dear Friends of Grace Church, The following email came yesterday from Pastor Roger Dabideen of Grace Church Trinidad who has served with us for sixteen years as we have ministered in church planting in Trinidad and Tobago. Hi Chuck, How are you and how is Millie doing? We are all good here, tired but good. The framing is finished and I had the roof company come over on Saturday and do some measurements for the sheeting. Back in May I had them give me an estimate while the walls were being put up. Well it seems that we were not too far off. This covers the sheeting, guttering and outside ceilings. The church will take care of the labor cost as far as possible, we are raising funds for that. I

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