House of Hope

HOUSE OF HOPE ORPHANAGE KIDS NEED YOUR HELP AS SCHOOL OPENS We are proud of the kids at House of Hope Orphange. They study hard and do well in their studies. They love to learn. And compared to most children in Haiti they have good conditions for learning. The children who attend at House of Hope are in small classes. They do not have the frills of modern techinology but they have a small teacher to pupil ratio and follow the prescribed curriculum and testing processes. And they do well. But when students leave the primary level and move up in the learning process they also move out of the House of Hope environment and into off-site government schools or private Christian schools. That means

School Days (in Haiti)

Kids are basically the same everywhere. They regret summer is ending but for the most part they are excited that school is beginning. New adventures await. New learning experiences bring new challenges. New friends appear. And new worlds are opened. Things are the same in Haiti. Kids are excited about attending school. They love to learn. But Haiti is quite different from the U.S. Many kids come to school hungry. Kids walk to school along muddy roads filled with potholes and passing vacant lots often filled with garbage. And in the evening they are without lighting in their homes, food is oftentimes scarce, most of the time there is no running water, and tools for learning are very few. Scho

Older than Dirt?

Today is my birthday! And contrary to what some may say I am not older than dirt. However, my Haitian friend and I together (pictured here with me), come close to that description. At my age I am not really looking for birthday gifts, parties, calls, cards or anything else except another breath and that is really dependant on God not you or me. But I would like to see two things for my birthday. First, I would like to see my partners in ministry sharing a gift to provide for the school supplies needed for 500 Haitian school children in Haiti. Total still needed ...$2500. Second, I would like to see my partners in ministry sharing gifts to provide for the school supplies, tuition, transportat

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