Haitian Churches in Florida, Haiti, and the Bahamas


In the year 2000 Pastor Elysee Joseph and Dr. Chuck Davis had a vision of planting Haitian churches in South Florida that would not only reach people for Christ but also train them in the Word of God and produce Godly living. God has done a great work from this small beginning both in Florida, the country of Haiti and the Bahamas. God has used many different people, churches and Christian organizations to be a part of the process of God working among the Haitian people.


There are now five Haitian churches that consider themselves a part of this movement in Florida and there are currently 40+ new churches being planted in Haiti and there are three Haitian churches in the Bahamas. And the passion continues to grow.These years of growth have been a product of much prayer, bible & ministry training, cooperative ministry & outreach, and a sharing of resources. 


In 2005 the churches in this U.S. movement wanted to be involved in ministering to the people in Haiti. So the Leadership Team made a trip to Haiti and a ministry in Haiti was soon established. Currently there is a movement of churches in Haiti that includes over forty-five churches and church plants in various stages of growth and development. And now there is an established bible institute plus three satellite campuses, an orphanage, a number of church schools, and a medical clinic. 


In recent years the Haitian Pastors in South Florida have reached out to Haitians living in the Bahamas and now three Haitian churches have been established in Nassau and have joined the movement. A cooperating local church bible institute is providing bible training for this movement in the Bahamas. 


Your prayers and financial gifts will help assure that this movement of God continues to press forward. There are hundreds of thousands of Haitians living in the United States who need Christ and a possible majority of them living in South Florida. There are around 50,000 Haitians living in the Bahamas who need to hear the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and experience salvation in Him.

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