SHARING BLESSES OTHERS! In 2018 as I read the news reports coming from many different sources in the Panama City/Panama City Beach area of Florida I was thrilled at how people were working together to help each other following hurricane Michael. People from many different areas of the country from local to nation-wide were working together to provide water, food, housing, medical care, communications channels, water & power restoration, tree clearing, and building assistance and repairs, and much more. Stores like Publix, Home Depot, Lowe’s and many more were providing needed items like water and ice at no charge. Restaurants like Sonny’s BarBQ and many more were providing free meals. Religious organizations like the Salvation Army were there to help in many ways and Churches and Denominations were rushing to help. I was impressed by the action I saw from the government on many levels, from local to National. All this made the misery of the situation much more tolerable and allowed the people who were in those areas to begin to take care of their immediate problems and begin planning for the future. There are still many people who are yet to return to the area who evacuated before the hurricane and they may never return. My wife and I are quite aware we could have been part of those in need at that time if we had not moved from Panama City Beach to Delray Beach in South Florida just a few years prior to that event. We were pleased to know that many of our friends who live in the area were reported to be safe.

As I watch people in action following the immediate aftermath of events like this I often wonder why it takes a disaster to cause us to express such care and concern for our fellow human beings. In America our government and other organizations have gotten quite proficient in rushing to the aid of others affected by disasters, even those in other parts of the world. The government and other organizations even pre-position aid and supplies so they are ready for these things. I wonder why it is that the government and other organizations have not gotten as proficient in taking care of some of societies worse and most tragic on-going problems. In disasters we seem to know what the needs are or will be even before the disaster happens and we have the will power to see that those needs are met. Should this not be true of the on-going needs and disasters of our society and should we not be more proficient at addressing those needs and caring for one another? Could it be that personal greed and unconcern, political motives, distrust, disobedience to laws, class warfare, and racial issues keep us from addressing and solving the daily disasters of our country? Most of those issues seem to disappear among major natural disasters as people work together. Surely we can do better as a country in the other issues of life. Just maybe it is time for us as individuals, government leaders, and spiritual leaders to do as God said to the prophet Jeremiah, “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know,” (Jerimiah 33:3 NIV). God has the answer to our problems individually and as a Nation and I it is time as a Nation and individually that we talk to Him about the answers to our problems. It is for sure riots, rebellions, foul language, destroying people’s personal possessions, fighting against law enforcement and attacking individuals who are simply attempting to live each day in peace and harmony will not produce lasting peace and harmony among our citizens.

("Daily Reflections On God's Word" Volume 1 by Dr. Chuck Davis).

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