WEED EATERS! My wife and I live in South Florida and it seems that weed eaters are running full speed around us 24 hours a day. I suppose that means we have a lot of weeds or else we sophisticate them and call weed eaters lawn trimmers or edgers or by some other name. No matter the name noise is always there to some degree though the amount of noise may be different. It often depends on the power source; gas, battery, or electric. But the culprit behind all this noise is what grows in the ground; weeds and grass. All that has led me to reflect on life and consider what may be growing in my life. Weeds? I hope not. Is it the fruit of the Spirit? I hope so! This is a good thing to ask yourself or have others evaluate if you have the courage. And we should ask, “What kind of noise surrounds us because of what is growing in our life?” Maybe none. Maybe a lot. Undoubtedly weeds in a life will produce problems that need attention just like weeds in a lawn, garden or orchard. And our spiritual Gardner, the Lord Jesus Christ, may have to create some noise in our life in order to cultivate the ground and remove the weeds. Weeds can survive a long time and even look like the real thing but eventually the truth will out and results can be disastrous. Check it out in this bible passage (Matthew 13:24-30 NIV) and see what Jesus has to say about the ultimate outcome of weeds in our life and what He really desires of us.

("Daily Reflections On God's Word" Volume 1 by Dr. Chuck Davis).

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