THE SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE! Let this quote sink in, “Francis Schaeffer, the 20th Century writer and intellectual, warned us in the 1970’s that abortion was the beginning of a slippery slope of the denigration of human life that would eventually lead to euthanasia and such things as physician-assisted suicides. People then were incredulous.” (January 10, 2018) reports that since the 1973 Roe v Wade decision, over 60 million of God’s unborn creations have been “legally” destroyed in the US. Only 22 countries in the world have a greater population than the 60 million aborted children of the United States according to the 2017 United Nations “World Population Prospects.” If those aborted children were alive and formed a separate country of their own they would be the 23th most populous country in the world. Can you imagine putting to death all the people in a country of 60 million people?

France Schaeffer’s prophecy of “euthanasia” has come true. Euthanasia is off and on a hot topic in this country. It is one of the most important public policy issues being debated today. “Euthanasia” is formally called “mercy killing”. It is the act of purposely making or helping someone to die, instead of allowing nature to take its course. Basically, “euthanasia” means killing in the name of compassion. Today we have names like “Physician Assisted Suicide” or “Death With Dignity.” The only difference is who administers the lethal dose of medication. Either way the person dies. As Schaeffer predicted we now have at least five states, and Washington, D.C., who have enacted legislation allowing physicians to actively assist patients who wish to end their lives. By the time you read this there will probably be more. They authorize physicians to prescribe lethal amounts of medication that patients then administer to themselves.

If we legalize the killing of the unborn and the seriously ill who will be next? Will it be the disabled, the disadvantaged, those of the “wrong” religion or the “wrong” ethnic group? Who decides who is a burden to society and unworthy of needed care? As former President George Bush once said in a proclamation on the sanctity of human life “our country recognizes that each person, including every person waiting to be born, has a special place and purpose in this world.” I think God would say a hearty, “Amen,” to that statement. In fact God says so in His Word. Thankfully our current President, as this is written, is a strong pro-life advocate. Over the next few days I would like to reflect with you on the sacredness of human life from God’s viewpoint. After all it is God’s thoughts that count because God says in His Word, “My thoughts are higher than your thoughts, and My ways than your ways,” (Isaiah 55:9 NIV). ("Daily Reflections On God's Word" Volume 1 by Dr. Chuck Davis).

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