EASTER - The Celebration Of Hope Is Based On Reality Not Fantasy. Some religions are just people’s fantasies placed in book form or they may be talked about on the latest TV talk show or they may just be some celebrities latest airhead thought. But Christianity is based on the reality and facts of history. Over thousands of years, Christianity has been scrutinized by more people trying to debunk the bible story than any other religion. Those people are dead and gone. Christianity and Jesus Christ live on. The reality of Jesus’ resurrection is shown in the Gospel of Luke chapter 24 by the actions of three different groups of people. Most of these people were still living when this gospel was written. If these things were a lie it would have been easy to refute the account. In fact notice that in Luke 1:1-4 Luke wanted to make sure we got the reality of the resurrection not just some person’s fanciful thoughts on the resurrection.

As you read Luke 24:1-12 you see the women of the Easter account and you notice in Luke 24:9-12 the women gave the facts straight but even the Apostles had a hard time believing them. But give Peter credit; he went to check things out for himself and when he left the tomb he was still confused. The events here are not fantasy but rather reality. The account of the Emmaus Disciples in Luke 24:13-35 also reveals the reality of the Easter events. These verses are pregnant with details, questions and lessons but what I want to point out is the fact that this event is recorded in a matter of fact way. They did not recognize Jesus until later in their journey. That was supernatural because Cleopas was probably related to one of the Apostles, called James the Less. And they couldn’t believe Jesus had not heard of the events which they described in Luke 24:19-24. The events described by the Emmaus Disciples are the same events described by the women. Jesus is alive! And now Jesus begins to teach these men the prophecies of the Old Testament regarding the Messiah…regarding Himself. The events here are not fantasy but rather reality.

In Luke 24:36-49 we note that the crowning event of resurrection day took place in the room where the Apostles were hiding out and this account of the Apostles is amazing. The Emmaus Disciples arrived to give a report of the resurrection appearance of Jesus. And while they were talking Jesus showed up. And then things really got interesting. Truth is stranger than fiction. In Jesus’ day if you had tried to sell this event as science fiction no one would have bought it. It was just too far out. The people in this room continued to live for many years. If their story was not true it could easily have been disproved. But these men gave their lives defending the reality of this event. These men dedicated their lives to traveling to different countries to tell the reality of this event of the resurrection. When Jesus showed up it changed these men from frightened people cowering in a room to fearless men who would face hostile crowds and kings and governmental authorities to tell the story of a resurrected Christ. What Jesus gave these men was Hope based on Reality. And that is what all of us need…Hope based on the Reality of a Risen Savior. ("Daily Reflections On God's Word" Volume 1 by Dr. Chuck Davis).

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