The Caribbean is effectively locked down during the current coronavirus pandemic. Most of the Caribbean countries are following the same guidelines we are in the United States. Airline traffic is halted and seaports are closed except for freight in most cases. People are told to shelter in place and only essential services are open. Many Haitian people in Haiti, and the Bahamas who live hand to mouth and day to day for income and food are really suffering. No work means no food. Though the number of coronavirus cases in the Caribbean countries has been reported as very small the effect it has had on very poor people has been great. While many Americans worry about toliet paper. paper towels, and hand sanitizers over whelming numbers of Caribbean people worry about children and empty stomachs. Caribbean Vision Ministries is receiving calls for help from those who know us in the Caribbean.

CVM key personnel in the United States are unable to travel to the Caribbean at this time and how long this will continue we do not know. We do have key National Staff and Pastors in Haiti, the Bahamas and Trinidad who are capable of managing the logistics to help the suffering and needy people around them IF they are furnished the resources to do so. WE NEED YOUR HELP TO PLACE THOSE RESOURCES IN THEIR HANDS!

It may be months or even longer before we are able to send GO2Teams to these countries to assist in ministries of church planting, leadership training and meeting physical needs. It is at this time we are thankful for the time that has been invested in training spiritual leaders in these countries who are up to the challenges before them at this time. PLEASE HELP US TO HELP THEM WITH THE RESOURCES THEY NEED TO MINISTER TO THOSE AROUND THEM!

Your financial gift given at this time will help us in supplying resources to the Caribbean Vision Ministries Staff members and Pastors in Haiti, Trinidad and the Bahamas. Please give a financial gift now on the CVM website or mail your gift to our office at 14458 Via Royale, Delray Beach, FL 33446. Please mark your gift: "Caribbean relief help."

We are always glad to answer your questions and help you to minister for Jesus in the Caribbean. You can contact us at: 850-624-1065.

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