THE BLESSED HOPE—A GLORIOUS APPEARING! “We wait for the BLESSED HOPE—the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ,” (Titus 2:13 NIV). As we continue our thoughts from yesterday we note the Blessed Hope involves an event like the world has never seen. All the wonders of the world will seem as nothing when this event occurs. It will be an earth shaking event. This event will shake the foundations of the world and confuse and confound every person and country on planet earth. This event is truly a glorious appearing of Jesus Christ. At least two things are true about Jesus coming again.

First, when Jesus appears again it will not be like the first time. When He appears again it will not be in humility as a man but it will be with GREAT GLORY! His great glory and power will be exhibited to the church and hidden from the world. Secondly, when Jesus appears again it will not be as a servant but rather as the Great God the King and our Savior. His appearing will be worthy of a King…it is a GLORIOUS APPEARING. It is a time to take His children to heaven. The world will not know what God has done and Satan will bring a great delusion to the world BUT we will be in glory in heaven with Jesus.

We may well ask, “When will this happen?” This has been a great discussion down through the ages and it is so in our own generation. There are many thoughts on this topic and many books have been written regarding this. There have been many modern day prophets preaching on when Jesus is coming and some even think He has already appeared. And Christians are often divided on the topic. But what does the bible say and when will the Blessed Hope become a reality? We will discuss this more in our daily reflection tomorrow but in the meantime thank God for our Blessed Hope.

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