TODAY! Today Millie and I plus an entourage of children, grandchildren, several spouses of such, and some great grandchildren are headed to Marathon in the Florida Keyes for a celebration time of the sixtieth wedding anniversary of Millie and me on November 23. Over a thirty year span our family spent many happy vacation days in a time share on Marathon Island. We enjoyed the company of family, friends, fellow vacationers, and many other invited guests over those thirty years. Marathon was a refuge, refreshment time for the body, soul and spirit and a place to share the love of Jesus with people from all parts of this country and even with people from other countries. We thought it good to also share this experience with our great grandchildren as well though they probably will not remember it. But their moms and dads can show them photos and maybe relate their experiences as well.

I never thought I would live to be sixty years old (the men in my family appeared to die young) but by God’s grace He has not only given me sixty plus years but also a wonderful wife to share sixty years of marriage with. The rumor is not true that I married Millie when she was twelve. Millie is a wonderful Christian woman, a loving godly mother to our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and a true servant of the Lord. Millie is beautiful inward and outward and usually loved by everyone who meets her. She is a genuine person who is sensitive to others and interested in their welfare. Every man would be blessed to have a life mate like Millie. It has amazed me over these sixty years how God could put two people so different from each other together and yet mold them together in such a way that they could love God, love each other, and be used to serve others in God’s Kingdom.

Millie and I thank God each day for the family and friends He has given us over the years. We count ourselves blessed for the wonderful relationships that have been developed among our family and friends. Along this journey of sixty years with Millie we have experienced the highs and lows of life, the joys and sorrows that come, true joy and real physical sickness and problems, victories and defeats, times of travel and times of being shut-in, times of new life and times of death. Each experience in life has been a building block of gaining spiritual maturity and developing our love for each other and for others. Tomorrow night we will gather at a little restaurant called “Castaways” in Marathon to remember good times gone by, a celebration of sixty years together for Millie and me, and to thank God for His blessings in this life and the life to come.

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