GANG ATTACK AT HOUSE OF HOPE HAITI! JUST IN FROM HOUSE OF HOPE HAITI! House of Hope was invaded by a gang of about 15 people yesterday who came in shooting and looting. They robbed the Staff and residents (kids) of all their cell phones, watches , money and any other valuables they could find. The police arrived two hours later to end the siege of terror and allow the leaders (Pastor Elysee, Pastor Smith, and Bobby) to exit their office to which they fled for safety. The two resident security guards who are unarmed suffered a few cuts in the process but are OK. All other people are safe. We now have Police Officers on the property until we hire private armed security officers.

We have a Team arriving in Haiti today to serve for a week. The Team members will now be housed in the Three Strands Hospitality House in Cap Haitien which has armed security. This building is next to our Grace Theological Institute and the Three Strands Medical Clinic. This is the first time in 15 years that CVM has been attacked violently in Haiti. The gangs in Haiti say they are protesting the corruption of the leaders in Haiti while they themselves are just as corrupt and probably more violent.

WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS FOR OUR TEAM MEMBERS THIS WEEK AND FOR HAITI CONTINUALLY. Also continue to pray for those who reside at House of Hope as they are in the country and will now need 24 hour armed protection. God is going to use the Team this week in a great way SO we must lift the Team up before the throne of God continually seeking their protection and for Him to use them in a great way for His purposes.

The expenses for this Team this week and for House of Hope on a continued basis will be much higher than anticipated. Your financial gifts at this time will help us in this time of crisis for the future. You can donate on this website by PayPal or you can send gifts to Caribbean Vison Ministries, 14458 Via Royale, Delray Beach, FL 33446. WE NEED YOUR HELP. THANKS FOR YOUR STAND WITH US TO TAKE THE GOSPEL TO HAITI.

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