MEET A TEEN WHO IS OVERCOMING REAL TRIALS IN LIFE! I met Emmanuel Charles Lamour in 2010 when we first met the fifty needy children at House of Hope Orphanage. Emmanuel is fifteen years old now and he has basically lived at House of Hope all his life. I thought at the beginning Emmanuel was going to be adopted and brought to the U.S. to live. We were disappointed several times that the adoptions fell through and he never left Haiti. Emmanuel has had a hard life. When he was really young he was treated for TB for an extended period of time and with other illnesses his growth has been stunted and he is very small in stature. This has undoubtedly given him an "attitude" and his interactions with others are sometimes less than harmonious.

I have always liked Emmanuel and have been cheering for him and praying for Him that God will help him in special ways. Emmanuel is not an exceptional student and has struggled through special problems and though he is fifteen years old he will only be in fourth grade this year. But he is improving as he studies hard in school. Every child at House of Hope has a story and is overcoming obstacles in their life. School is vital for them if they are ever to assimilate successfully into Haitian culture outside the campus of House of Hope.

Please pray for Emmanuel and the other residents at House of Hope Orphanage. Please help them get the education they need by sharing a gift to the House of Hope School Fund today. You can do that on this website.

Thank you for your help.

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