WHAT A SURPRISE! How well do you respond to things that take you totally by surprise? I guess that depends on what it is that surprises you? There are surprises and then there are SURPRISES!!! Think back with me for a moment about that first resurrection morning when Jesus rose and came out of the tomb. I wonder about Christians sometimes, myself included, and how our response would have been if we were among the first to see the resurrected Lord. SURPRISE!! Would we have been excited and would we have rushed out to tell others? Or would we have been in a shaken and quaking condition and kept the news to ourselves? After all one could be looked at as being askew and unbalanced in reporting they have seen dead people rising and also claim to have actually talked to them.

Does our response to our salvation in Jesus reflect the fact we have “seen” the resurrected Lord? Do we rush out to tell others we have “seen” Him and do we tell others what Jesus has told us? I don’t know how I would have reacted on that first resurrection morning if I had been there but I know how one person reacted and I would hope I would have been like her. We should all reflect the actions of Mary Magdalene when she went to the disciples with the news, “’I have seen the Lord!’ And she told them that he had said these things to her,” (Gospel of John 20:18 NIV). When I became a Christian I wanted everyone to know it including my friends and family. I was excited about the salvation I found in Jesus. That was in 1964 and I am still excited today about knowing the resurrected living Jesus and I look forward to meeting with Him one on one each morning and I still desire to share Him with everyone I can. I hope you are excited about Jesus and I hope your reaction each day is to tell others what Jesus has said to you.

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