HOW MANY PEOPLE DID IT TAKE TO PUT A MAN ON THE MOON? You probably know the name of the first person to walk on the moon but do you know very many other names of the 400,000 people it took to place him there? That’s right, we are told that “at its peak the Apollo program employed 400,000 people and required the support of over 20,000 industrial firms and universities.” The following is an ad or foreword to the book, Team Moon: How 400,000 People Landed Apollo 11 On The Moon. “Here is a rare perspective on a story we only thought we knew. For Apollo 11, the first moon landing, is a story that belongs to many, not just the few and famous. It belongs to the seamstress who put together twenty-two layers of fabric for each space suit. To the engineers who created a special heat shield to protect the capsule during its fiery reentry. It belongs to the flight directors, camera designers, software experts, suit testers, telescope crew, aerospace technicians, photo developers, engineers, and navigators.”

Sometimes it is possible to think we are in an endeavor for God’s Kingdom by ourselves. Nobody knows our name and only those who are on TV, write books, hold seminars or Pastor mega-churches get noticed. We may occupy a church pew, teach a Sunday School class, sing in the choir or Pastor a small church but it often can seem we are swimming upstream and who cares anyway. It is possible sometimes to wonder where we really fit into God’s Kingdom and what we are doing that is of any value to Jesus anyway. What difference do we make in this world of lost souls anyway? I am sure the Astronauts appreciated every person who worked on the Apollo program; their life depended on them. They were unknown but not insignificant. So it is in God’s Kingdom work. Fame and recognition of any kind may pass each of us by in God’s Kingdom work. We can only hope and pray that Jesus gets the honor, glory, and fame because of what each of us Christians do in the harvest field of the Kingdom and the way we live our lives before the world. All that each of us should be looking for is to hear those words, “Well done, good and faithful slave. You were faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things; enter into the joy of your master,” (Matthew 25:23 NASB). It takes every Christian in every country of the world to work the harvest field Jesus has placed before us. No matter the task assigned to each of us our labors will not go unnoticed by Jesus. We may live our lives unknown by the world but Jesus reminds us we are not insignificant.

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