RECOGNITION! It seems everyone is seeking recognition today. Politicians, athletes, and actors are all good examples of people seeking recognition. Now we have on-line personalities seeking recognition on places such as Facebook and U-tube. Where my wife and I live there are a lot of senior citizens in our surrounding communities. These folks can live their daily lives and shop, see doctors, and all the other activities of a senior’s life and hardly anyone notices them (except for their driving) or knows their names. Many have few friends or relatives who care for them. Many of them are in various senior homes or medical care facilities. Really recognized? Most are not and it seems most of society doesn’t seem to really care except for the financial gain to be had from them.

A lot of these folks have had really interesting lives and many were recognized for their contributions to society while quietly living their “normal” lives. But I think the biggest loss to the majority of these folks is that they may have missed the recognition that really counts in life. No matter how much recognition a person may attain in this life it is possible for that person to still miss the most important recognition of a lifetime. This may be true of a President of the United States, President of a large corporation, or President of the PTA. The most important recognition that anyone can receive is that of being a child of the King of Kings or to bring it down to a more humble level we would say being recognized as one of the sheep in Jesus’ sheepfold. Jesus said, “I am the good Shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me,” (Gospel of John 10:14 NIV). The recognition of being one of Jesus’ sheep is the most important recognition in all the world. It is recognition that counts now and for all eternity; as contrasted with the recognition we may find in this world that soon fades away. Make sure you know the one who gives the recognition that really counts.

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