MOVING? Moving day conjures up all kinds of thoughts and pictures in the mind. Some of those thoughts and pictures are good and some are bad depending on factors such as age and past experiences. I have personally moved so many times in life that I lost count a long time ago. As you know people will often ask “where did you grow up?” And often the question is “where do you live now?” Or often the question is “where have you lived?” Don’t ask me or my wife that question unless you want a travelogue. In our society today people are very mobile and it appears they move often whether because of job, adventure, the weather or for some other reason. I am sure most people give a lot of thought to things before they make a decision to move. Everyone will make a move someday and it will be the most important move of their life. But I wonder how many people really give serious consideration and do planning for the most important move of their life.

As I get older and more of my friends move to be with Jesus it becomes more urgent to remind my friends and family and myself that life on earth is short and preparation for eternity should be a priority. Preparation is not complicated but it does take action. Doing nothing is disastrous. The Apostle John put it this way, “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on them,” (Gospel of John 3:36 NIV). Moving from planet earth into eternity will be the most important move we make and everyone will eventually make that move. To do no preparation for that moving day means that we will automatically experience the wrath of God at that time. To believe in Jesus and accept the salvation He offers means that we will move into eternity with Him and enjoy the pleasures of heaven with Him for all eternity. Are you ready for the most important moving day of your life? If not, why not make your plans today?

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