THE IMPORTANCE OF OLD THINGS! It is easy for people to forget the importance of old things especially young people. Most people at some point in life realize the value of antiques; which may be defined as something of high value because of its age. Or the word antique may be used in a derogatory way when speaking of a person or method meaning ancient or outdated. In American society today older people are often seen as unimportant, ancient, outdated or of little value. The value of historical events and historical facts are often minimized in our society today. Someone has said that when the events and facts of history are forgotten we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of those past eras. In a generation that seems to give little regard for those who produced the founding documents of America, the individual cost they paid and the success of hundreds years those document have produced for our society we may be treading on the danger of losing what the founders of American were willing to die for. The same is true of the elder generation in American today. When we lose sight of their contributions to our society and the significance of their lives we live on a pathway to destruction for our society.

In a society that places decreasing value on the Bible, the Word of God, while producing it in more forms than ever before in human history we are certainly rushing toward the disasters revealed in the Bible for those who ignore the Word of God. Even among many Christians it seems emotional experience and entertainment have replaced the words of the Bible, the work of the Holy Spirit and a life of holiness. Even in the study of the Bible many have forgotten we have what are called the Old Testament and the New Testament. Those who by their actions seem to have forgotten the Old Testament because they call it outdated or replaced by the New Testament need to take a fresh look at the Scriptures. There are many Scriptures in the New Testament that remind us of the value and need to study the Old Testament. It is interesting that Jesus at the very beginning of His resurrected walk with His disciples reminded them of this fact, “And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, He explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning Himself,” (Luke 24:27 NIV). At that time the Old Testament was all the Scriptures that existed. To get a better knowledge of Jesus we need to study the Old Testament along with the New Testament. Old things are important especially when it comes to the Word of God.

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