READ IT ALL! DO IT ALL! It seems that many people are always quoting other people out of context in order to put the person in a bad light. What Pastors and Preachers say is taken out of context a lot also and many times for the same reason. Live long enough and it will happen to you. Context is a principle that many people over look today in relating other people’s conversations. Context is important and it is always good to pay attention to context in the bible as well. It is very important to listen to what Jesus has said as recorded in the bible but we do need to keep it in context. Jesus taught a lot on prayer and very often it is misinterpreted because the context is forgotten. In the gospel of Luke chapter 11 one of His disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray and so immediately Jesus began to teach them about prayer and what he said at first is what is commonly known as the Lord’s Prayer. Most people put a period after the word temptation in Luke 11:4 and call it quits. Lesson over. Wrong!

Jesus’ lesson on prayer doesn’t stop at the period in verse 4. That section of prayer centers on each of us personally and God’s Kingdom. Then His teaching continues on until Luke 11:13 and those verses teach us a lot about how to pray and prayer in personal and family relationships and the results that come from our patient, persistent, believing, rewarding prayers. Even a child can pray and sometimes I think their prayers are more honest, sincere and trusting than the prayers of a lot of adults. And children have a tendency to keep praying day after day for the same thing with honest persistence and looking and believing in the answer that will come. Our loving heavenly Father wants us to pray and keep at it because He will give us the best answer for us. No snakes, scorpions, or evil gifts from God for His children. God wants us to experience His love through prayer and He is waiting to hear from us. “The Lord’s Prayer” is just the beginning not the end.

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