JUNE 30 WAS A GREAT DAY for five Pastors who had successfully completed their three years of study at Grace Theological Institute. Professors, Staff Members, Family and Friends gathered to honor these men who had given much time to the study of God's Word while also being leaders of their local churches and leaders of their families. For most people life in Haiti is not easy and funds are hard to come by and the time it takes to travel anywhere is enough to discourage anyone. Study, lesson preparation and sermon preparation is not easy for most Pastors as it is hard to find quiet places and light is often limited at night because of a shortage of electricity. Pastor/Students must still work and provide a source of income for their families. These five Pastors studied and worked hard to complete the three year curriculum at Grace so they could better serve God's Church. Their names are: Dieuseul Chrispin, Dolce Johny, Joachim Renand, Tanis Wilmin, and Mondesir Wisly. Our congratulations go out to these five faithful servants of God and we pray that God will shed His abundant blessings on their lives, families, and churches.

Your prayers for the Institute Professors and Students do make a difference in their lives and do help to assure the future of the gospel being proclaimed in Haiti by Godly Pastors. Your financial gifts also provide a biblical education for these Pastors that they otherwise could not afford. Thank you for your provision for the training of these men who are serving the Lord Jesus Christ in a very needy country and a very difficult mission field.

If you would like to assist in the continued training of men for God's ministry in Haiti you may do so on this website or you can mail your gifts to Caribbean Vision Ministries, 14458 Via Royale, Delray Beach, FL 33446. Mark your gifts for GTI Haiti. Thank you.

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