EMERGENCY ROOM! It was a serious time and the patient was very impatient, confused, yet nosey and checking every person who walked by. It is not easy when your head is inches from the floor and you have to look up to see every person and the surroundings are new and different. This patient had the bloodshot eyes of an alcoholic who have been on a binge for several weeks and he was very lethargic but at the moment he was aroused by the situation of being in the emergency room. Chuck, my son’s 14 year old Dachshund, was not feeling well and we were all very concerned about this condition that arose quite suddenly. Chuck had allergy symptoms before but this was something we had never seen before and the situation had all the symptoms of an emergency. Of course it was eight o’clock in the evening and the possibility that Chuck would be blind or dead by morning called for immediate action. In South Florida which is occupied by millions of people it is not easy finding an animal emergency room that is close by your home. After working the cell phones for a time a 24 hour emergency vet office was located reasonably close to home and as it turns out it was a big operation. There were animal patients there that had huge problems and some that thought they did but discovered they really didn’t seem to have anything to worry about. It was an interesting place to spend several hours hanging out and waiting to see the vet who eventually diagnosed the problem and prescribed the proper treatment…we hope. We will know within five days. It is interesting that the bill was just about the same amount it cost to have my wife’s eyes examined and treated recently. So we have arrived in a time period where it cost as much or more to treat an animal than it does to treat a human being for basically the same problems.

After observing the other animal patients and people in the emergency room it made me think a little bit about where people are today in their evaluation of life. If we have an animal that we think is really in danger of suffering a major life crisis we are most likely to seek all means necessary immediately to care for them and probably at all costs if we can afford it. On the other hand we see people, often in our own families, who are in danger of losing their life through being eternally separated from God and we are very lethargic in trying to warn them or attempt to help them to find safety and abundant life in Jesus Christ. Animals depend on us to care for them and most normal people will live up to that trust they place in us. God has entrusted to each one of us Christians the responsibility to serve in the emergency room of life to share with those around us who are in danger of losing their life through eternal separation from God. I was impressed by the personnel at the animal emergency room and the interest and compassion they displayed for a distressed Dachshund. Can we as Christians not do the same for those around us who are in danger of losing their life by being separated from God? “Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise—the fruit of lips that openly profess his name. And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased,” (Hebrews 13:15-16 NIV).

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