WHEN THE STORMS ROLL THROUGH! For the last several days we have had some severe storms rolling through the area where I live. It is not unusual here in South Florida in the summer to have afternoon storms complete with wind, rain, thunder and lightning to visit us and give a visual reminder of the power of nature and the dangers we experience in life. The sky grows so dark you almost forget it is actually in the middle of the day and the rain is coming down so hard you can barely see out the windows. The thunder roars, sudden flashes of lightening streak across the sky, and often the electrical power is momentarily interrupted and a chorus of digital signals begin to chirp their song. Then as suddenly as it came the storm disappears, the light returns, the sun is shining like it never left and hopefully life returns to normal. Often the autos parked in the drive are covered with an offering donated by the messy oak tree in our front yard and the palm trees offer a palm frond or the bushes contribute their offering but considering the storm all is well. Life returns to at least a semblance of normal.

The Disciples in the boat with Jesus experienced a similar frightening event to our Florida storms. King David in his life as a fugitive often experienced similar events and storms in life. Joseph, in his trials on the path to honor and power in Egypt experienced many dangerous events. All of these men had moments of dark clouds, darkness, flashes of danger, the loud sounds of the dangers of life and finally life directed by God’s hands that provided peace and safety. Life is like that for most of us. Life is lived in a normal pattern, things are going along at least semi-smoothly and then suddenly one of those storms appears and things grow dark. Life always changes and it is hard to see very far through the window of our life and the flashes of danger and the loud noises drown out our normal existence. But as the Disciples, David and Joseph discovered God is with us and He has the answers to the storms of life we experience. Jesus promised, “Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age,” (Matthew 28:20 NIV). As we walk through the storms of life Jesus is always in the middle of the storm walking with us and while we may not at the time of the storm have the answer Jesus does. When the storms roll through our life Jesus is with us and in the end He will provide the peace and safety we need.

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