WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT FAT? Really, what comes to mind when you think about FAT? Do you think of yourself as fat? Or when you think of fat does someone else come to mind? Something brought to mind this morning “the fat man’s platoon” which used to exist in the Marine Corps boot camp. This was a special place for those who entered the Marines over weight and needed some additional conditioning. It was a grueling place to be sent and I am glad I was never there. They do things differently today and have more politically correct names. But the term fat is used in other ways as well. There is the “fat cat” meaning a well to do person or one who is wealthy or affluent or even fertile or abundant. So the term can be used in several ways depending on the context. But let’s face it today it usually means overweight or not attractive and overweight people are often frowned upon or criticized. So today we have all kinds of weight control products and programs. My heart goes out to those who are fighting the weight battle and my sympathies to those who endure rude comments or harsh criticism because of their weight.

All this is to say for the Christian you should be FAT! Yes, you heard me right. You should be FAT! Here is what I mean by that. If you have been around the church very long you have probably heard this acronym before. FAT is “an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as one word.” In this case FAT stands for the words: Faithful, Available and Teachable. This is a favorite acronym for Pastors because Pastors are always looking for FAT people; those who are faithful, available and teachable. If a Pastor has a nucleus of people like this the church will do amazing things. Jesus had His FAT people. They were called disciples or Apostles. And they turned the world upside down for Jesus. In some of the churches I used to Pastor God gave us some amazing FAT people. They did some amazing things for God’s kingdom. I must also say as Caribbean Vision Ministries has formed over the years God has brought to the organization some FAT people who have done amazing things for God. If you want to make your Pastor’s day when you leave the church service just say to him, “Pastor, I want to be your FAT person.” When he recovers from his place on the floor explain to him what you mean and then carry through on your offer. You will make a difference in this world for Jesus if you are faithful, available and teachable for the work of God. As the Apostle Paul said to those of his day, “I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship,” (Roman 12:1 ESV).

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