CONTROL FREAKS? Aren’t we all to a certain extent; or at least most of us? At least that is what I observe in life. Why do most things in life operate on a schedule? Because someone has decided this is the way things should operate and everyone should fall in line; it may not be what we like! Take Doctor’s offices for example. Who wants an 8 o’clock appointment knowing that the doctor will not show up until 9AM? And who dictates at what time you give a urine sample? Do they really know anything about your body even though it’s a doctor’s office? Don’t get me wrong. I love doctors; I must because I give them enough money. Don’t send me an email about Docs because my son-in-law is a doctor and he has a schedule as well. As a Pastor I always had a schedule to keep even though it often got interrupted and rearranged. After all someone has to schedule what people in the congregation do or else the church would be in utter chaos; or would it? Maybe it is already. Sometimes we even become control freaks in our own life so much so that we try to control everyone and everything around us. After all we don’t want them interfering with what we consider a proper schedule or telling us what to do. But as I have gotten older I have discovered most people don’t really care what I think or what my time schedule is and children, grandchildren and great grandchildren have become control freaks themselves so they are busy trying to control everyone else in life. This seems to start at an early age. Are you a control freak?

And what about God? Is He a control freak? He determines when we live and when we die. He tells us what to do and often when to do it. God gives directions in His book to tell us how to think, what to think about, places to go and where not to go. And have you noticed He tells us how to spend our time and money. What’s all this about? Now I hope you have found some humor in what I have said and that it has caused you to think about life and the fact that life is often in conflict with others because of our human desire to control life and others. Satan likes to use that fact of human nature to cause us to have problems with one another; whether as individuals or as nations. While God does have a book of directions concerning our life it is for our benefit so that we can have a happy, long and fruitful life in the midst of all circumstances that come our way in life. God is not a control freak because He gives us all kinds of options including the option of following the ways, directives and principles of the book. God even tells us the results of the choices we make and will not force us to follow His chosen option that best benefits us. But in the end God will determine the final outcome of all things so while we have a choice we would be wise to make the right choice to follow Him and recognize God is in ultimate control. “The Lord does whatever pleases him, in the heavens and on the earth, in the seas and all their depths,” (Psalm 135:6 NIV). “Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account,” (Hebrews 4:13 NIV).

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