When Dr. Chuck Davis, Pastor Elysee Joseph, and Pastor Dumont Cardichon made the initial exploratory trip to Haiti in 2005 to see if God wanted them to begin a ministry there it was a time of trouble and turmoil in Haiti. There was a big United Nations military and law enforcement presence there at the time and many missionary organizations had left the country; some on a temporary basis and some permanently. Sometimes ignorance is bliss as it was for us as we traveled the roads of Northern Haiti meeting with Pastors, observing the spiritual and physical needs of the people and seeking God's place where we might best serve in Haiti.

Pastor Elysee, I discovered years later, thought that I would never return to Haiti. A prophet he is not. But he is a great Pastor and missionary to the Haitian people. As we sought God's will and God's plan for our approach to ministry in Haiti we decided on three basic things that would guide our efforts. The first thing was that we needed to train and develop Pastors who really knew and understood the Word of God. So we developed a Bible Institute in which to train Pastors. The second priority we had was to plant new Bible believing churches in Haiti through the efforts of local Haitian Pastors. This would be in cooperation with churches in the United States who saw Haiti as a mission field in which they wanted to assist the churches in Haiti in reaching Haitian people for Christ. The third part of the plan which we believe God led us to follow was to help train and assist the new local churches in ministering to their flocks and the communities where God had placed them. We have remained faithful to God's calling in these areas for the last fifteen years and look forward to the future as God leads us.

We praise God that Grace Theological Institute in Cap Haitien is the main training center for the Pastors God brings to partner with us in ministry. We are thankful for the satellite sites in Port de Paix and Las Cahobas and for others on the drawing board. With all campus sites we are training at least a total of eighty people for ministry at this time. We also praise God for the churches that have been planted in Haiti and are associated with Caribbean Vision Ministries and Charis Alliance of Haiti. Our best count at this time is about fifty churches but in Haiti it could be more and it would take some time for us to discover it. Communications in Haiti is still lacking even with the presence of so many cell phones. The third phase of our initial plan was for the churches to minister to their communities with the love of Christ. Praise God the new churches that have been planted are reaching out to their communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ, with House of Hope Orphanage in Devarin, with Christian Schools in numerous parts of Haiti, and with food, clothing, and shelter as they have resources and needs. We are thankful also that Three Strands has come along side these churches and the Institute with a medical clinic and hospitality house in Cap Haitien as well.

God has led us down a path of prayer, exploration, vision, commitment, action and thankfulness. We at Caribbean Vision Ministries are thankful for what God has done over these fifteen years. What God has done in building His Kingdom work through the ministry work of the Haitian Christians, their partner churches, individuals, and organizations in the United States is a faith building sight to behold. God has truly taken nothing and built a testimony for Himself through souls saved, the poor, hungry, needy and sick helped and a pathway for the future Haitian Leaders to follow in their quest to glorify God.

The number of people, churches, and organizations that have been involved during these fifteen years are too numerous to mention as I do not want to miss thanking anyone for their part in ministering the gospel to the people of Haiti. Those serving with Caribbean Vision Ministries are humbled and thankful for those who have partnered with us in this ministry God has called and committed us to. Sometimes it has not been an easy road to travel in our endeavors in Haiti but then neither was the road that led Jesus to Calvary.

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