LEADERS! The world is looking for real leaders today. There are many among us who want to be in the spotlight or limelight. They want to be seen and they want to promote themselves or some weird idea and attempt to change the world to fit their idea of fairness, supposed equality, or sameness. Some of the wannabe leaders want to change the world in to a multiple bi-sexual, multi-sexual, all one sexual world. Others want to redistribute wealth until everyone is poor but the “leaders.” Some of the wannabe leaders attempt to morph into what they think their targeted followers

want them to be and thus show their real lack of leadership abilities. If you doubt what I say just look at those who are currently striving in our political area to be our next real leader in America whom we call the President. As a Christian I would like to see more leaders in the “public square” who are the kind of leaders that can lead people to follow biblical principles and exalt biblical morality. As the Bible says, “When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan,” (Proverbs 29:2 NIV). As Christians we need to get beyond physical appearances, emotional rhetoric, pseudo-scientific intellectualism, bigotry, and pie-in-the sky promises when choosing leaders. We should also remember that leaders are chosen not only to lead but also to serve the people who have chosen them to lead.

All of what I have said also applies to the leaders chosen to lead God’s Church in this world today; Pastors and other spiritual leaders in local churches. Thousands of churches are closing their church doors each year in America often because of a lack of real spiritual leadership and a refusal to adapt to meet the needs of those people around them who are lost and need a relationship with Jesus Christ. The Church needs a new generation of leaders to meet the needs of the growing non-Christian world around us. The real needs of human beings have not changed since Adam and Eve fell into sin. The devil continues to produce perverted ways in which people attempt to have those needs met. But God’s answer to the needs of all people in all areas of the world is still the same today. Jesus is still The Way, The Truth, and The Life. Faith still comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. The way in which this message is delivered may and often does need to change but prayer, evangelism, and discipleship are still basic ingredients needed in any church. The church must develop ways to reach externally into its mission field and deploy the church body (members & attenders) into the surrounding communities in creative ways to share the Word of God.

In all of this there must be leaders who are spiritually born in Jesus, spiritually filled with the Holy Spirit, and driven by The Great Commission given by Jesus to reach the multitudes around them. These leaders, like Jesus, must come to serve and not be served and if necessary just like Jesus give their life for those they are serving (Matthew 20:28). We need real spiritual leaders to stand up now. Those called by God must answer that call now.

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