STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES! This phrase from Forrest Gump is certainly true; at least I think so. And nobody does stupid like some of the members of our United States Congress. I was born and raised in Tennessee though I haven’t lived there since I was twenty-two years old. I love the people and the State of Tennessee, especially those in East Tennessee and I have a lot of friends and family there. I am embarrassed for those in Tennessee who saw recently, very recently, one of their United States Congressional Representatives sitting in a congressional committee meeting, that was being televised, chomping down on Kentucky Fried Chicken and clutching a fake chicken and berating the Attorney General of the United States. Is this the best representation my home State can elect and send to Congress? I am embarrassed for the people of the State of Tennessee. This kind of behavior is the reason the majority of people living in this country, and especially the voters, have such a low view of the behavior and job performance of those serving in Congress. It would be nice if our Representatives actually did something more productive to help the people of the United States rather than “showboating” and looking like a carnival side show. Yes, stupid is as stupid does and quite frankly I am tired of our Representatives trying to promote and enrich themselves while many in the general population suffer from the antics of those who swore to help them.

As Christians, we need to use the privileges that God has given us in this country to serve and help those around us. One of those privileges is to vote and attempt to get those in office who will actually serve people in a righteous manner no matter what initial they have after their name: R, D, I, or some other initial. But we also have the duty as Christians to be faithful to our calling to the Lord Jesus Christ and live righteously, share the gospel of Jesus Christ, and love our neighbors as our selves. It is clear those in Congress, no matter their party affiliation, will ever bring about righteousness in this nation nor will the entire elected body stop being “stupid.” They will always be among us. I believe the system of government in the United States is the best in the world though it isn’t perfect; but then the people of this country aren’t perfect either. As Christians, God’s people, no matter what other religious people say,

we are called “Ambassadors for Christ” in the bible. The Apostle Paul said, “We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God,” (2 Corinthians 5:20 NIV). Even as we point out the failures of those who represent us in Congress let us make sure that we represent the Lord of Lords and King of Kings and carry out our own representative responsibilities. Let it not be said of us, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

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