TIME! Yesterday I shared how a thief stole my license plate from my auto while it sat on the church parking lot while I attended a church worship service. There is a process that follows such an event that the owner of the car must go through. I discovered that not only did the thief steal my license plate he also stole a lot of people’s time including mine. First I had to fill out a form to take with me to the Department of Motor Vehicles to explain my dilemma. I did this on line. Then I tried to file a police report on line on the police website but after filling out the form on Sunday night the site informed me they had technical difficulties and to try later. I tried later on Monday morning with the same results. Then I went to the police sub-station and was informed I would have to call the main police station and talk to them, which I did. After they took a few points of information they said they would have an officer call me back and fill out the form by phone. Which they did an hour later just as I was pulling into the bank parking lot. Then several hours later I had to go back to the initial police sub-station so they could provide me with a completed police report to take to the Department of Motor Vehicles so I could get a new license plate. Arriving at the sub-station I had to wait for the completed form to arrive by email. Then the fun began.

I had to drive to the Department of Motor Vehicles office in Delray Beach which consumed some time. Then I stood in line to get a number to be served. The line was like Disney World but not as much fun. After getting a number, J133, I was told I had an hour wait time in front of me, which turned out to be 30 minutes. Because I had spent hours collecting all the information and forms this turned out to be the shortest part of the process. I walked out of the building with a new license plate, a thank you for my military service from the clerk, and no charge for the license plate. Then the drive home and the attachment of the plate. I will be back on that same church parking lot in two weeks with a whole new viewpoint. Quite a number of people had to spend some of life’s valuable time because of a thief. He stole not only property but time from others. The Apostle Paul gave us a very important message when he said, “Redeem the time, because the days are evil,” (Ephesians 5:16 KJV). The New International Version says it a little differently, “Making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.” Time is a valuable commodity and we don’t how our days will go. We need to make good use of the time God gives us. Yesterday a lot of people learned that the local church is still in business and one of the reasons is because our world is full of sinful people who need to find Jesus. Maybe the person who stole my license plate will visit the inside of the church on their next trip instead of stopping and shopping on the parking lot. Please join me in praying for that person.

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