SMALL THINGS! “And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward,” (Matthew 10:42 NIV). Several things stand out in this verse that ends Matthew chapter 10. The progression from the ministry of the Apostles serving with acts of miracles and glorious healings, to relationships to Jesus, to prophets, and to righteous people ends in verse 41. People might treat each of these people nice or terrible depending on the situation. Except for the religious leaders and the governmental authorities most of these people listed would find it fairly easy to get a cup of cold water out of respect for their positions or actions. But verse 42 sets a different picture. Here we are dealing with just a common disciple or follower of Jesus denoted by the term “little ones;” denoting not small or young but probably rather uneducated or without stature and poor in the eyes of society. While people might run to the Apostle, prophet, or righteous person in the eyes of the community with a glass of cold water they might not treat the one of low estate in the same manner.

Are we so different today even in religious or Christian circles? Preachers, Musicians, “Prophets,” Evangelists, Ministry Specialists, Mega-church Pastors or Staff, Missionaries and the list could go on are often treated like “Pop Stars” or “Movie Stars.” If they need a cup of cold water very often gallons are made available while those disciples of “low estate” are ignored because of their social, physical, or financial state. Very often faithful followers of Christ who passionately share the gospel go without their basic needs being met while the church of Christ squanders God’s provisions on their own “perceived” but unnecessary needs. But Jesus reminds us in verse 42 that if anyone, Christian or non-Christian, provides even a “cup of cold water” to God’s people to meet necessary needs God will reward them for that. There are no small things with God. His evaluation of things is much wiser, seen with greater depth than we could ever image, and more righteous than we could ever imagine. We may not be able to do great things in the world’s eyes but we can do for God and His people what we are able to do and offer “a cup of cold water” whatever form that may take. Remember there are no small things with God.

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