THE INDESCRIBABLE GIFT! Every year during the Christmas season we read of amazing gifts that people give to others. Food, clothing, houses, cars, medical help, transportation, money, and many other things that often border on extreme generosity are given out freely. Random acts of kindness are common and often costly as people sacrifice to help others. All the people and organizations acting in this manner are to be commended if they are acting with proper motives. In some way they are modeling after the Lord Jesus Christ who sacrificed so greatly to help us sinful creatures who desperately need help. But none of these gifts rise to the level of God’s great gift.

The Apostle Paul in writing to the Church at Corinth commended them for their monetary gifts given to help Christians in other places. What the Church did was beyond expectations. Their act of love was an example for all Christians in every age. But Paul reminded them of the great love that God had shown them in these words, “Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!” (2 Corinthians 9:15 NIV). When we think of God’s love gift toward us, so great that words can’t describe it, how can we Christians not be generous toward others? While Christians acknowledge God’s great love gift of the Lord Jesus Christ I wonder how often we really stop to thank God for this great gift which is so indescribable. Most people appreciate all the wonderful inventions of our age, especially all the electronic devices that bring closeness and convenience to our world. We are thankful for these things and we let others know it. And a lot of people can’t imagine life without them.

But God has given a gift that is indescribable. Jesus is a gift from God that is beyond the imagination of mankind. A gift that is so mysterious that no matter how much is written on the subject man has only scratched the surface. God’s gift is greater than all man’s inventions of all ages. God’s gift is beyond the realms of planet earth and encompasses the entire universe. God’s gift is beyond human purpose or manufacture. God’s gift of the Lord Jesus Christ affects mankind in the present and for all eternity as opposed to man’s gifts that will soon be obsolete and tossed on the junk pile and relegated to the archives of human history. On Christmas morning people will be thanking each other for the gifts given and rightly so. But how often do we offer up thanks to God for the greatest gift ever given? How often do we think about God’s “indescribable” gift that we so often take for granted? “Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!” (2 Corinthians 9:15 NIV). Yes, let us give thanks to God and let us do it often for His gift; for in this life we have only begun to understand what a wonderful and indescribable gift Jesus is.

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