We recently posted information on the flooding in Trinidad and asked for your help in ministering to the people of Trinidad. This is a followup to that newsletter.

As of November 1 the public health inspectors in Trinidad had inspected over 17,000 premises in the flood affected communities. This includes 21 schools and 550 food premises and 17 farms that lost animals. The inspections continue. I report this to let you know that the longer things are not cared for in flood areas the greater is the opportunity for disease, long term health issues and deaths. Trinidad is a country about the size of Delaware with a population of 1,372,000 people. When a major portion of the country has been affected by flooding this has serious consequences for the present and future.

Pastor Roger Dabibeen and the people at Cornerstone Grace have been faithful partners in reaching the people of Trinidad with the gospel of Christ for twenty years. It would be great if all those who receive this information could chip in and help them as they help others during this crisis. Below is a letter from Pastor Roger that I received today updating us on the situation in Trinidad and how you may help them in ministering to their community. Thanks for caring and thanks for helping.

For His Kingdom,

Dr. Chuck Davis

Executive Director


Thank you, Chuck , Caribbean Vision Ministries, and our friends, for your giving and caring during this difficult time.

The people of Kelly Village and other areas of Central Trinidad were hit by record floods just about three weeks ago. In Kelly Village alone, some homes were affected by almost five feet of water. This devastating flood miraculously spared the Cornerstone of Grace Fellowship building but took aim at many of its members. The church so far has cooked hot lunches, distributed grocery items, mattresses and furniture to the church members affected.

The people of Kelly Village still need your help to recover from so much loss. The Government is currently assessing damaged homes for compensation. This process is a long and arduous and people are still unsure of receiving due compensation.

Cornerstone of Grace aims to assist in the following ways:

Assist with appliance repair.

Assist with car repairs.

Provide Mattresses

Provide Groceries

Assist with minor house repairs, painting and cleaning.

Assist with School books lost in the flood.

The Church continues to stand out as one that cares, and shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please help us in sharing our faith to this community.

Thanks for your care and concern.

Pastor Roger Dabideen

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