IT IS TOUGH OUT THERE! Yesterday I worshipped and preached at a Haitian church plant in the Palm Beach area of Florida. It was a joy to see and hear the joyous singing and music of this numerically small congregation of believers in Christ. Their Scripture readings were sincere and moving as they were read at different times in Haitian Creole, French and English and their songs were also voiced in these same languages. The public prayers were voiced in typical Haitian fashion ranging from soft and sweet to loud and boisterous as if to wake up anyone sleeping or per chance to awaken the heavenly messengers who would deliver the answers. Those attending the service ranged in age from the very young to the very old, from American citizens to those newly arrived from Haiti, from original church members to those who just became members. With enthusiasm and joy they invited a white friend like me to share God’s Word with them and it was my privilege to be part of their family on that day as it is every fourth Sunday of the month.

After forty-five years of church planting I was reminded once again how tough it is to plant a church in some parts of America and among some ethnic groups and possibly in most cases among any ethnic group. Among America’s Haitian Church Plants there is almost always a shortage of finances, adequate facilities, transportation, biblical materials, and trained leaders. In addition almost every Pastor without exception is working at a “secular” job to earn income for his family and to help others in the congregation who have various needs. In Haitian church plants the majority of people are working in lower paying financial jobs while helping the older children get an education that will provide for a brighter financial future for them and also helping relatives in Haiti manage to survive in a very tough environment. The folks at this small church plant, like the people in most Haitian church plants in America, are happy to be in the U.S. and they are hard-working and joyous people who love Jesus and want to share Him freely. You can help them by praying for them and if you would like to help see that this church is successfully planted and reaching their Haitian community for Christ you can visit the Caribbean Vision Ministries website at and give a financial gift of any amount and mark it for the Lake Park, FL church plant. We will see that it is used for God’s Kingdom work through that ministry. Please take a moment to thank God for those people who sacrificed to plant the church where you worship and also think about helping others who are involved in planting churches now in the United States and around the world.

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