SURPRISE! Summer is over...

Dear Friends and Partners,


For the first time in TEN years school has actually resumed on time. Normally school is scheduled to start in September but never does start until October. Well, SURPRISE! School actually started on SEPTEMBER 3 and we were not ready because of some major transitions taking place at House of Hope.

The House of Hope children, teens, and young adults need to be in school now but the Christian school where they attend needs money from us right now to cover registration, entry fees, and school supplies. Additional fees regarding tuition, uniforms, and field trips must follow after that. The total needed to cover all these students for the entire school year is $6400.00. In this Christian school the children receive an expanded quality Christian education they would not receive in a government school and also learn to integrate with others outside the House of Hope campus. A good education helps prepare these students for a better quality of life and ministry for God in the Haitian society.

We have always depended on our friends and partners in this school ministry and we need help NOW and apologize for launching such an urgent appeal. You have always been very gracious and generous in helping to minister to our House of Hope children, teens, and young adults in the past. Please help us now so the students can continue their educational, spiritual and social progress this year as well.

The total cost for registration, entry fees, tuition, school supplies, uniforms and field trips is $6,400.00 Your gifts can be given by PayPal on our website: or you can mail your check to: Caribbean Vision Ministries, 14458 Via Royale, Delray Beach, FL 33446 and mark it for: HOH School Fund.

THANK YOU for being generous in your assistance in this endeavor on behalf of the needy and deserving children of Haiti that God has entrusted to our care on His behalf. As always if you have questions or need more information please contact me using the information listed below.

For His Kingdom,

Dr. Chuck Davis

Executive Director

Phone: 850-624-1065


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