DIALOG IN THE NAIL SHOP! Some experiences in life you never expect and would just as soon forget as soon as they happened. For the first time in three months my wife was able to go the “nail shop” or whatever the proper term is for the place where you ladies go to get your hands and feet pampered. Like the Apostle Paul as he spoke of one of his experiences, I have yet to figure out whether this was really an experience “in the body or out of the body”. I think only God really knows. This was not my first experience in accompanying my wife to this place since at this time in life she requires my presence wherever she goes. I am thankful it was only an hour or so long and it was an interesting hour. And I am thankful for IPhone’s and all their apps. With several TV’s sharing cooking shows and whatever else came on during this time you would think personal conversation would be hard to hear but since I was seated next to the door and the person who answered the phone was just a few feet away doing nails and answering the phone I got an ear full.

Every time the phone rang and the lady answered it she stopped doing the customer’s nails. The customer soon got very annoyed and a heated exchange soon ensured between the customer and the nail person. As the nail person tried to explain this was her job the customer was infuriated that she was ignored and the person on the phone got preference. The exchange got heated and then another customer chimed in and now the exchange intensified. The air was tense and I had 911 pre-dialed on my phone just in case it was needed. Fortunately things soon calmed down, a future appointment was made, and all departed safely though not necessarily happy.

All this left me with three questions: “Do all women from NYC have these exchanges all the time in “nail shops?” And also, “Why don’t they warn you about this stuff in Seminary?” And why doesn’t the pre-marital course have a section on this kind of thing? Millie and I left the “nail shop” safely and Millie had some beautiful hands and feet and we both were happy. And as I reflect on this experience I remember what the Apostle Paul said about “nail shops”, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose,” (Romans 8:28 NIV). Today, I get to visit the doctor with Millie and I know that waiting room is always full of people from NYC.

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