WEDDINGS - STILL GOD’S PLAN! Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a wedding in Plantation, Florida officiated by my friend and ministry associate Pastor Roger Dabideen from Trinidad. The occasion was the wedding of one of Roger’s relatives who lives in the United States. Roger and I have worked together in Trinidad for twenty years and it has been my privilege to watch Roger grow from a “lay” person assisting in God’s work to the position of planting and Pastoring a thriving church in Trinidad. Roger is also the Director of Trin-Grace Ministries in Trinidad and on the Board of Directors of Caribbean Vision Ministries. It was a joy to watch the ceremony and how Roger wove the gospel of Jesus Christ into human relationships and God’s goodness to us in providing for marriage and human families.

The wedding brought together two people, one Hispanic and the other Trinidadian, to start a new family unit. So the audience of about two hundred people included people of various ethnic groups, different religions, and also many non-religious people. This was truly a joyous occasion that offered a perfect setting for the voice of the gospel and Roger presented it well. It also presented a time for me to see some of my friends from Trinidad who were attending the wedding.

The Bible tells us that Jesus enjoyed weddings and in His first recorded miracle He enhanced the wedding feast and brought it to new heights on that joyous day (John 2:1-11 NIV). The Apostle Paul also shares with us the exalted status of marriage (Ephesians 5:21-33) and the absolute necessity of real love in marriage if we are to succeed as individuals and families (1 Corinthians 13:1-13 NIV). So it was good to see a wedding where God and marriage was exalted to the proper status in the ceremony and the Word of God and God’s blessings to us brought to the attention of those present without hesitation or apology. It is our prayer that this young couple will have a happy and successful marriage with God having first place in their lives. And it is also our prayer that Pastor Roger will have a long and prosperous ministry on behalf of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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