BLESSED AND SECURE! “Surely, Lord, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield” (Psalm 5:12 NIV). It seems every day is a challenge in this world in which we live. And I think it has been that way ever since Adam sinned in the perfect garden in which God placed him. Living in Paradise turned into “a sweat of the brow existence.” So it is today as life goes on and the world spirals downward while we Christians fulfill our task of being the “salt” and “light” to a spiritually needy world. Jesus is coming again and we pray it will be very soon as we keep an eye on the sky.

In the midst of these realities two things stand out in Psalm 5:12. We have a divine promise of God’s blessings in our life. God does bless the righteous. He always has. He is blessing now. And He will bless us into the eternal future. As Christians we experience God’s blessings on a daily basis. Circumstances sometimes may rob us of seeing the blessings of God that surround us but the blessings are there anyway. God blesses the righteous without fail. That is His promise. Our failure to open our spiritual eyes and recognize the blessings are our failures not God’s. So today talk to God and seek to view the blessings He brings into your life today.

In this verse God also reminds us that He offers us security. God surrounds us with His favor like a shield. The word picture is that of a soldier’s full body shield. A shield that is big enough to protect the entire body from the enemies’ weapons. As Christians we know that we have an enemy without called Satan and his demons and we have an enemy within called a sin nature. But God is bigger and more powerful than all these things. God offers us security in the midst of our daily life and He offers us security for the future. The Holy God living in us is greater than all our enemies “foreign and domestic”, sin nature within and the world and devil without. So face this day and every day in the knowledge that you are secure in God’s care and will be blessed beyond measure in every circumstance of life.

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