A TRUE SERVANT OF GOD IS HUMBLE. “And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death—even death on a cross” (Philippians 2:8 NIV). The verse, speaking of Jesus, says, “He humbled himself.” That is intentional action. No one forced Him to do it. It was voluntary. Jesus got the attention of the world through His humility not through pomp and circumstance. Jesus had all the power of the Creator of the Universe but He exhibited it through humility. Jesus performed unbelievable miracles but He always performed miracles in humility.

If we serve the world in humility we will get the world’s attention. When people in Haiti see people from the United States doing the dirtiest of jobs alongside the Haitian workers who get paid for their work and then they find out these people from the U.S. not only provide the materials for the job they also pay to come and help them. Then the Haitians are impressed. People on the Teams do not go to Haiti to impress the world or even to impress the Haitians. People on these Teams go to Haiti to serve & help others. But people pay attention to the message of Christ because of the servant hearts, attitudes and labors of the people who traveled to Haiti to help them.

The same thing has been true in Trinidad even among Hindu and Muslim people. When people see God’s love in action and demonstrated in humility they will respond to the message of Jesus Christ. I believe the same is true in America. People will listen to our message if we come out of our fortress and begin to minister to them. But if we come into our fortress on Sunday and then go out to our walled castle for the rest of the week the world not only will not hear our message but they will not be interested in our message anyway. Jesus left the realms of Glory to come to earth and in humility go to the cross for us. Can we who name the name of Christ not do likewise while we inhabit our earthly residence for a short time?

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