SERVANTHOOD. Jesus said about Himself, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many”(Mark 10:45 NIV). One of the greatest failures of the Church in American is that we have raised up a bunch of Christians who feel that the job of the local Church institution and the Church leadership is to spoon feed the congregation one day a week so the congregation can go back to its leisurely pursuits the remainder of the week. It has been my experience in the Church since my salvation experience in 1964 that Christians are much more interested in conspiracy theories than they are in actually serving others, especially the unsaved.

But Jesus was much more interested in serving others than He was in discussing the political situation of the Roman occupation of Israel or the apostate religious situation of His day. I do not see that attitude among most Christians today. As a consequence the Church in America has for the most part raised up several generations of Christians who have no concept of what it means to be servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. For most Christians today it is more about what is in it for us rather than how we can reach the world for Christ. The result today is that the vast majority of Americans are lost and on their way to hell because they have never really seen TRUE Christianity in action.

Dwight L. Moody once said, “The measure of a man is not how many servants he has, but how many men he serves.” The Church, as a whole, has forgotten that principle today. Most Christians want to be served rather than serve others and they want to be comfortable in their churches rather than uncomfortable in what it takes to reach the world TODAY. So I want to concentrate and reflect on the topic of servanthood with you for a few days as found in Philippians chapter two. And particularly I want to point us to Jesus and the lessons He would teach us through the words God gave to the Apostle Paul. There are six things in Philippians 2 I want to share and reflect on with you about servanthood as shown in the life of the Lord Jesus. We will begin tomorrow if the Lord is willing.

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