THE OMNIPOTENCE OF GOD IS DEMONSTRATED IN THE SUPERNATURAL REALM. The Gospel of Mark chapter 5 records three miracles performed by Jesus to demonstrate His power and the fact that He is the Omnipotent glorious Messiah God everyone was expecting. In Mark 5:1-18 is the account of Jesus confrontation with a man indwelt with a legion of demons. This man lived in the tombs where the dead were buried and he was mentally disturbed and so strong because of the indwelling demons that even chains could not constrain him. Jesus sent the demons out of the man and the demons possessed a herd of 2000 pigs and ran off a cliff into the lake and drowned. What is my point? Our God is so powerful that even the demonic forces of the devil are no match for Him. Even the demons are forced to obey our God. There is a supernatural realm around us and struggles there go on constantly between the forces of God and the forces of the devil BUT God’s people are assured of victory because God is Omnipotent and the devil is not. It is like a struggle between Superman and Richard Simmons.

In Mark 5:21 we have the account of Jarius, a religious man, who came to plead with Jesus because his daughter was dying. So Jesus went to the home of Jarius to attend to his daughter. Along the way the crowds pressed in on them and a woman who had been, as the Scripture puts it, “subject to bleeding for twelve years” reached out and touched Jesus. And verse 29 says, “Immediately her bleeding stopped and she felt in her body that she was freed from her suffering.” Verse 30 says Jesus, at once realized someone had touched Him and been healed. Can you imagine that? All the crowds were pressing in. All the people were touching Him. And He instantly realizes when someone has exercised faith in Him and has been healed. Our God is an Omnipotent all powerful God. Not only does He have power to defeat demons but He also has power to heal diseases. WOW, what a glorious God we have!

Then verse 35 says people arrived and told Jarius his daughter was dead. Jesus told Jarius not to worry about that…just follow Jesus. They arrived at the house of Jarius and sure enough the place was in an uproar. All the official mourners were there crying and wailing. When Jesus said, “The child is not dead but asleep” they all laughed at Him. You know, it is not good to laugh at God. Jesus went into the room where the dead girl was, took her hand and said, “Little girl, I say to you, get up!” What happened next astonished everyone. She got up walked around and ate dinner. Death is not an obstacle to our Omnipotent God. He made human beings. He can resurrect human beings. Our God is an awesome glorious God. It is good to reflect on the facts that God is the God of creation, that God does work in human events and God is a supernatural God and does supernatural works. In our next post we will reflect on some applications of these facts to our personal lives.

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