GLORY AND GRAY! Too often the older generation condemns the younger generation and there are a lot reasons for that both pro and con. But no matter your age or how you view life and the young people of today God has this to say, “The glory of young men is their strength, gray hair the splendor of the old.” (Proverbs 20:28 NIV) I haven’t seen the Marines recruiting any old men today. Though I became a Marine at the age of seventeen they would pass me up in a heartbeat today. They haven’t even called me to ask for my wisdom. As you examine the bible you will find how God used young people to carry out His program for mankind. Over and over young people were God’s choices. It is not that God didn’t use older people to do His will. But often younger people were more suited to God’s purposes for those times.

We need to encourage young people today to do great things for God. They have the energy, strength, enthusiasm, and mental abilities that many of us old folks don’t have anymore. True they are short on life experience and often short in many skills but they have equipment God has given them that they haven’t even discovered yet. And who knows what would happen if we hooked them up with those Christian leaders around them who have gray hair or no hair at all. We might be astonished. But I fear too many parents, grandparents, career counselors, and other influential Christian leaders are leading our young people away from doing great things for God by not exposing them to the spiritual challenges and needs of the world around them. I think many times our young people are being led to be immersed in the ungodly culture around us and not enough young people are being challenged to be used by God. Often instead of exposing our young people to the hardships that young people in other cultures endure each day of their lives we raise a generation of self-centered comfort seeking young adults.

Being one of the people with gray hair and thinning hair that has reached “the splendor of the old” I must say I wish I had known what I know now when I was one of the young men in their strength. But such is life. I would like to challenge those who have joined me in this period of life to pray for our young people that they may be challenged by the Spirit of God and respond and be used by God like those young people so amply noted in the bible. We have a great generation of young Christian people who could “turn the world upside down” for Christ if they turned their lives over to Christ for His use and responded to the leading of His Holy Spirit. Encourage a young person this week to serve and follow Christ while they are in the strength of their youth and not wait until life has passed and they are gray headed.

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