DON’T BE A FOOL! King Solomon had a lot to say about a lot of things concerning life and eternity and God recorded them in the bible so they could be a help for all who read them and learn from them. In the beginning of this book of Proverbs Solomon gives the key to reading this book and also to gaining knowledge in all of life. He said, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” (Proverbs 1:7 NIV) Solomon is not talking about a shake in your boots fear of God; though many who rebel against God probably should be in that condition. Solomon is talking about a state of life where we humble ourselves before God with an affection and devotion to God that reflects a reverence that is reserved for no one and nothing else in life. When we reach that position in life then our hearts and minds are open to God teaching us His wisdom and giving us His instruction for life and eternity.

Fools on the other hand are people who are devoid of any respect for God and actually despise the wisdom and instruction that God would dispense to them. Their IQ is not the issue. Their view and relationship to God is the issue. For them the Word of God is foolishness and the idea of a God who can teach them anything is ridiculous. Is it any wonder that the “world” thinks Christians are “nuts” in trying to apply their morality to their living in this world? If one rejects the true God and rejects His Word why then would they accept His Word as a guide to living? So a fool never reaches in life the true beginning point of knowledge. They may accumulate a lot of facts and discover a lot about how the physical world operates that God has designed but they will never discover the real beginning of knowledge until they recognize and begin to really “fear” the one in whom all knowledge and wisdom resides.

As Christians we should be knowledgeable about things concerning this world and we should be the best possible employers and employees that we can possibly be. We should be people who make a good impact on the world we live in regardless of how the world regards our belief system or treats us. And we should be good representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ as we go about our daily lives. At the beginning of this book of Wisdom called Proverbs God has given us the beginning point of gaining the knowledge to do these things successfully; we must fear the Lord in the manner in which we rightly understand that term. Let us enjoy God’s wisdom and instruction as we find it in the book of Proverbs as we humbly listen to what the Creator of all things has to say to us.

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