Merry Christmas

Dear Friends,


Millie and I, like many of you, have experienced major changes in our lives this year. We sold our home in Panama City Beach, Florida where we lived for the past twenty years and in January 2017 we moved to Delray Beach, Florida. For those of you who don't know locations in Florida Delray Beach is located just south of West Palm Beach. We have two grandsons, a granddaughter, and a great-granddaughter living nearby and our son, Rick, just moved to Delray Beach as well. Our daughter Mary and her husband hope to move to this area in a few years. Right now they visit very often. It is nice to live this close to family once again. We thank God for His guidance in making this move.

Another plus where we are living now is that we are very close to the Caribbean Vision Ministries Haitian Ministries in South Florida. Every Friday morning I meet with Pastor Elysee Joseph and Pastor Dumont Cardichon to discuss and plan for the Haitian ministries in South Florida, the Bahamas and Haiti. Just a reminder in case you missed it on our digital postings. The new mailing address for Millie and me and Caribbean Vision Ministries is: 14458 Via Royale, Delray Beach, FL 33446. All correspondence and financial gifts should be mailed to this address. Our website address and email addresses are the same. And our cell phone numbers are the same. The new office number is: 561-332-3414 though it is best to call on my cell number at 850-624-1065.

We are still working through some physical problems that Millie has as a result of the two strokes she had in 2015. The move to Delray Beach has been hard on Millie physically so we are still making doctor visits on a regular basis, more than we like, but Millie is doing well and progressing more as time goes on. Her major problem at this time is with her right foot and ankle as she walks. So we would ask your prayers as she works to gain strength & control in that part of her body. She would like to throw her walker away completely (or give it away) and be able to walk all the time without it.

Thank you for your friendship, all your prayers and your financial support as we have served with Caribbean Vision Ministries in 2017. God has been good to us and to the ministry and we praise Him for that. This has been a very challenging year, for us personally and for the ministry, but things have progressed in every area despite hurricanes, rain storms & flooding, destroyed buildings, and financial hardships. But God has given us a great ministry team and they have risen to the challenge. People are being saved, churches are being built and rebuilt, Pastors are being trained, Churches are giving children a Christian education, orphans are being cared for and Haitian people are receiving medical care.

We are blessed to have a loving family, wonderful co-workers in ministry, sacrificial supporters and friends, and a kind loving heavenly Father who has gifted us with His Son to provide salvation for each of us. Millie and I pray each of you will have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! And we ask you to remember in prayer all those Caribbean people who have been ministered to this year by our Staff & Teams. Pray that God's Word spoken to them will take root in their hearts during this Christmas season.

Sincerely in Christ,

Chuck & Millie Davis

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